Wednesday, December 28, 2011

MOAR nerfs/changes, Good thing we have a test server (Read: TW) don't we?

New Skill Pages:

AM's you can keep going now.

(NOTE: The First Two Skills of each class were not changed at all, they just posted level 1 the first time and max level the second time, this has been corrected.)

Ultimate - Berserkergang: [If HP 40% (+10%), Melee ASPD: +43% (+3%), ATK: +25% (+5%), Duration: 15]
War Soul: Passive, STR: +55 (-5), VIT: +35 (-5), DEF: +8% (-2%)
Killing Intent: Teleports to Enemy, Deals damage, 100% Double, Stuns enemy, H: +800, Cooldown: 25 (+5), Range Lowered, Damage Lowered.
Furor: NAD: +320 (-40), 49% (-3%) Normal Attacking: [Attack 2H.], CRIT: +19% (-2%), Duration: 10.
Overhead Slash: Teleports to enemy, Deals damage, 100% Double, Enemy DEF: -28% (+2%), Duration: 10.

Ultimate - Divine Charge: H: +1000, If Enemy HP < 40%, DoT: 500, ACC: -20%, Duration: 15 (From 4 secs of stun and 2500 Damage)
War Soul: Passive, STR: +55 (-5), VIT: +35 (-5), DEF: +8% (-2%)
Shrouded by Light: Party Buff, Attack Adds 190 (-10) Holy Damage, Physical Damage Received: -70 (-10).
Holy Shackle: Adds 1 charge, pulls enemy to caster, Enemy MSPD: -45%, Duration: 8 (From 3 seconds of stun), H: +850 (-150), Enemy Damage Received: +18%.(-12%) Cooldown: 20 (+10)
Divine Retribution: 100% attacked: [Heals: 360 (-30)] 65% (-3%) Attacked: [Damage Reflection: 75% (-3%)] Duration: 15.

Ultimate - Piercer Shot: Deals NAD + 840 (+40). If enemy is rooted, deal an additional 4000 (+1500).
Agile Soul: Passive, AGI: +55 (-5), VIT: +35 (-5), ATK: +4% (-1%).
Scattershot: AOE 8m (-2), Deals NAD + 300 (-25) + 720 (-30) ND, knocks back enemy.
Viper Shot: Deals NAD + 724 (-24), Debuffs Enemy: [DoT: 430 (-30), ASPD: -12% (+2%), Duration: 10, Stacks up to 3 times.]
Soulstealer shot: Deals NAD + 600 (-40), Heals for 20% of damage dealt. Debuffs Enemy: [DoT: 1400 (-200), Duration: 10].
Treasure Sense: Party Buff, AGI: +70 (+20), ASPD: +9%, MSPD: +16%
Armorcracker shot: Deals NAD + 880, Enemy DEF: -20% (-16%), Duration: 10. Buffs Self: [ATK: +11% (-2%), RASPD: +16% (-2%), Duration: 10]

Ultimate - Toxin Spread: Adds 400 (+100) Nature damage to physical attacks. Debuffs all enemies within 15 meters with: [Enemy DEF: -6% (-2%), Enemy Damage Received: +7% (+2%), Stacks up to 4 times.] every 2 seconds, Duration: 15.
Agile Soul: Passive, AGI: +55 (-5), VIT: +35 (-5), ATK: +4% (-1%).
Sixth Sense: Party Buff, ASPD; +16% (-2%), CRIT: +13% (-2%).
Shadow Strike: Must be Stealthed, Deals Damage (From Charge skill damage), 100% Double, 100% Triple, Debuffs Enemy with Poison, Duration: 10
Flying Toxin Daggers: Deals NAD + 670, 100% Double, 100% Triple, Debuffs Enemy With Poison, Duration: 12 (From DEF reduction), Cooldown: 18 (+5)
Fuuma Shuriken: Adds 1 Charge, Targeted AOE Splash 8m. Deals NAD + 1150, Inflicts with Paralysis (from burn) 7, Duration: 8.

Ultimate - In the Divine Light: Buffs Ally: [DEF/MDEF: +65% (+15%), EVA: +20% (+2%), Duration: 15 (+5), Only effective when target's HP < 40%.]
Pure Soul: Passive, INT: +55 (-5), WIL: +17 (-3), VIT: +17 (-3), MATK: +8% (-2%)
Resolute Defense: Buffs Ally, Prevents Interruption, CSPD: +18% (-2%), Duration: 10.

Ultimate - Tree of Life (Costs a Leaf of Life): Summons a Tree of Life for 20 seconds, which heals allies within 15m (-5) by 2500 (+500) every 2 seconds.
Pure Soul: Passive, INT: +55 (-5), WIL: +17 (-3), VIT: +17 (-3), MATK: +8% (-2%)
Fast Rend: Wolf Form Only. Adds 1 Charge, Deals Damage, 100% Triple. Buffs Self: [42% (-2%) Normal Attacking: [Attack 2H.], Duration: 15.]
Crush Strike: Ape Form Only. Adds 1 Charge, AOE 8m, Deals NAD + 420 (-30), Debuffs Enemy: [ATK/CSPD: -55% (-5%), Duration: 10.]

(Note, Prophet's Mete Justice was switched with Mystic's Salvation)

Ultimate - Inspire Elements: Deals 1005 (+55) Damage, Debuffs [Enemy MDEF: -10%, TR/IR/FR: -30%]. Buffs Self: [Magic Attacks: + 450 (+50) TD/FD/ID. Duration: 10].
Magic Soul: Passive, INT: +35 (-5), VIT: +17 (-3), WIL: +17 (-3), MATK: +4% (-1%)
Elemental Feast: Targeted AOE, Deals 680 (-60) Magic Damage, Debuffs Enemy: [ATK: -28% (From ASPD), MSPD: -40%, FR/IR/TR: -48% (+2%), Duration: 15], Cooldown: 30
Elemental Defender: Adds 1 Charge, DEF: +23% (From MDEF), 50% Attacked: [Enemy ASPD/MSPD: -46% (-9%), Duration: 15 (+7)], Duration: 15, Cooldown: 15
Elemental Embrace: Party Buff, All Attacks Adds 400 (+200) TD/ID/FD
Magic Show: MATK: +12% (+6%) ,CSPD: +6%, MP Cost: -70, Only effective if HP > 70%, Duration: 15 (+7), Cooldown: 40 (-20), Cast Time: 0 (-3)

Ultimate - Siphon Soul: Deals 900 (-550) Magic Damage, if enemy is Enfeebled: [HP Recover: 30% (-25%) of spell damage dealt. Debuffs Enemy: [Seals Enemy, Duration: 10.].].
Magic Soul: Passive, INT: +35 (-5), VIT: +17 (-3), WIL: +17 (-3), MATK: +4% (-1%)
Disperse Magic: Targeted AOE 12m, Deals 740 Magic Damage, Debuffs Enemy: [Enemy Skill Fail: 20% (-30%), CSPD: -50% (-20%), Duration: 15], Cooldown: 35 (+10), Cast Time: 3 (+3)
Shadow Longpike: Adds 1 Charge, Deals 1230 + 616 Dark, [Debuffs with Enfeeble 7 (From DoT), Duration: 10.] Knocks Back Enemy. Cast Time: 1, Cooldown: 7
Embrace of the Dead: DEF: +20%, 44% (-11%) Attacked: [Debuffs with Exhaust 6 (-1), Duration: 10 (-5)]

Well, that was short-lived.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Details, Nerfs, Casters cap 80 or reroll.

Killing Intent: Deals damage, 100% Double, Stuns enemy, H: +800 Ignores antistun.

Holy Shackle: Adds 1 charge, pulls enemy to caster, stuns for 3 seconds, H: +1000, Enemy Damage Received: +30%, Ignores antistun. Cooldown: 5

Scattershot: AOE 10m, Deals NAD + 325 + 750 ND, knocks back enemy. (Note this only KBs, so it ignores antistun by definition, is actually a level 7x skill)

Cruelty: Passive, After Evading: [Melee ASPD: +3%, NAD: +200, Duration: 4], Adds ~300% MSPD, apparently a bug.

Elemental Feast: Targeted AOE, Deals 740 Magic Damage, Debuffs Enemy: [ASPD/MSPD: -40%, FR/IR/TR: -50%, Duration: 15], Cooldown: 30
Elemental Defender: Adds 1 Charge, DEF: +23%, 50% Attacked: [Enemy ASPD/MSPD: -37%, Duration: 8], Duration: 15, Cooldown: 15.
Magic Show: MATK/CSPD: +6%, MP Cost: -70, Only effective if HP > 70%, Duration: 8, Cooldown: 60.

Disperse Magic: Targeted AOE 12m, Deals 740 Magic Damage, Debuffs Enemy: [Enemy Skill Fail: 20%, CSPD: -30%, Duration: 15], Cast Time: 3, Cooldown: 35
Shadow Longpike: Adds 1 Charge, Deals 1230 + 616 Dark, [DoT: 700, Duration: 10.] Knocks Back Enemy. Cast time: 1, Cooldown: 7
Embrace of the Dead: DEF: +20%, 42% Attacked: [Debuffs with Exhaust 7, Duration: 15], Instantcast, Cooldown: 25.
Spirit of the Dead: Magic Damage Adds 600 Dark. AOE 15m, [MDEF: -6%, DR: -17%, Duration: 15, Stacks up to 4 times.], Cooldown: 30, Does not draw malice.

Resist is still useless, for those curious.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Coconut Casino Explained

Since I've been farming cracked alloys, I inevitably had to decide whether I want to risk money into the coconut slot machines. But eh, 5 bars is a lot to give up (could set me back a full day) so I thought I might as well do an analysis.

First of all, this thing is definitely a scam, but some scams are actually worse than others. This is the board:

You put bets into each food item and they'll roll randomly, and if you land on a food square, it will give you back the number * the amount you bet.

i.e. you put 10 into clover and you land on clover, it'll pay out 10 * 100 = 1000 coins. You can bet max 10 in any food item, up to 10 in each for a full bet of 80 (and if it lands on any food item, you get 10 * the food's payout).

If you land on !, then you either lose (and get nothing), or you get a free spin. This is random.

If you land on ?, then you get a payout of 0, 1, 10 or 100 coins, again random.

First of all, the fundamental scam is this, you trade gold for coconut coins, which isn't worth shit unless you open a perm, but mostly you'll be getting saphaels.

Second of all, this actually operates on two fallacies that makes people with a lot of gold (or just really impatient) lose more money.

Fallacy #1: Betting 10 coins in any one food item is the same as betting 1 in that food item 10 times.
Fallacy #2: Betting 1 coin each in two food items is the same as betting 1 in one food item, then betting 1 in the other.

To understand why this is, we must first understand how much of a payout that ? square is.

Here is the data after 361 bets (actually 413 rolls because of !)

!: 133/431 = 32.20% ~ 1/3
success: 52/133 = 39.09% ~ 2/5

?: 104/413 = 25.18% ~ 1/4
0: 33/104 = 31.73% ~ 3/10
1: 40/104 = 38.46% ~ 2/5
10: 30/104 = 28.88% ~ 3/10
100: 1/104 = 0.96% ~ 1/100

Cookie: 106/413 = 25.67% ~ 1/4
Candy: 33/413 = 7.99% ~ 2/25
Chocolate: 17/413 = 4.12% ~ 1/25
lollipop: 10/413 = 2.42% ~ 1/40
kebob: 5/413 = 1.21% ~ 1/80
sundae: 5/413 = 1.21% ~ 1/80

That's right, ? accounts for 1/4th of your rolls, and it's worth 2/5 * 1 + 3/10*10 + 1/100 * 1 = 3.4 coins.

The key here is, the ? is worth 3.4 coins whether you put in 1 or 80.

In other words, if you bet 10 for one spin instead of 1 for 10 spins, you give up 9 * 3.4 = 30.6 coins.
Similarly, if you bet 1 + 1 for one spin instead of 1 for 2 spins, you'll give up 3.4 coins.

If you do the full grand slam of 80 gold in one bet, you in fact lose 79 * 3.4 = 268.6 coins. To put that in perspective, for 3x, you only need 180 coins to get the alloy.

So, the optimal bet is in fact 1 gold at a time, but where do we put it?

cookie: 106 * 2 = 212 coins
candy: 33 * 5 = 165 coins
chocolate: 17 * 10 = 170 coins
lollipop: 10 * 15 = 150 coins
kebob: 5 * 20 = 100 coins
sundae: 5 * 40 = 200 coins

So, somewhat confirming folk theory, cookie really is the best payout. Though if you're feeling adventurous, you can get decent results out of sundae. Everything else is a scam.

Finally, what's the expected return of 1 gold on cookie?

The success rate on ! is 2/15, so subtract that from 1 and we get 13/15

the payout for ? as we already know is 3.4 coins, 3.4 * 1/4 / (13/15) = 0.98 coins
cookie: 2 * 1/4 / (13/15) = 0.58 coins

add them together, and you have

0.98 + 0.58 = 1.56 coins per 1 gold, the return is 1.56, which is actually a ton higher than most casinos, but again, coins are worthless compared to gold so your loss is in fact 100%.

To illustrate, let's calculate the returns on an 80-coin bet.

the payout for ? again is 0.98 coins
cookie: 5.77 coins
candy: 50 * 2/25 / (13/15) = 4.62 coins
chocolate: 100 * 1/25 / (13/15) = 4.62 coins
lollipop: 150 * 1/40 / (13/15) = 4.33 coins
kebob: 200 * 1/80 / (13/15) = 2.88 coins
sundae: 400 * 1/80 / (13/14) = 5.77 coins

total: 0.98 + 5.77 + 4.62 + 4.62 + 4.33 + 2.88 + 5.77 = 28.97 coins per 80 gold. The return is 0.36.

For once, the sprite's "Slow and steady wins the race" advice is actually genuine.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Emilio's Scrolls

I translated these before, but I'll put it here so you can see it more easily.

LV 60: Marquis of Destruction
3: Crushing Blow Damage: +25%, Ground Pulse Wave: +25%
4: CRIT Received: -35%, MSPD: +5%
5: DEF: +12%, 50% Physical Attacking: [ND: 800]

LV 70: Determined Gladiator
3: MSPD: +5%, Promoted Earth Shock Damage: +25%
4: HP: +10%
5: VIT: +20, 30% Physical Attacked: [Damage Reflection: 35%]

LV 80: Violent Mars
3: AGI: +30, 30% Attacking: [ID: 1100]
4: Promoted Crushing Blow Damage: +30%, 20% Attacking: [Exhaust Enemy, Duration: 6]
5: HP: +15%, 25% Physical Attacked: [Damage Reflection: 70%]

LV 60: Imperial Guardian
3: CRIT Received: -30%, AGI: +10
4: Mighty Shield Bash Damage: +25%, ASPD: +10%
5: ATK: +10%, STR: +18, H: +10%

LV 70: Blitzing Rider
3: TR: +60, AGI: +21, ASPD: +10%
4: Promoted Armor-Cracking Strike Damage: +35%, 27% Attacked: [MSPD: +40%, Duration: 6.]
5: CRIT: +22%, 32% Attacked: [Enemy Physical Skill Damage Dealt: -45%, Duration: 8]

LV 80: Kingstrike
3: Holy Strike Damage: +30%, STR: +21
4: MSPD: +10%
5: ASPD: +10%, 60% Attacking: [Enemy CSPD: -40%, Duration: 6]

LV 60: Deepfrost Wing
3: STR: +20, 50% Attacking: [ID: 700]
4: Swallow's Glide Shot Damage: +25%, MDEF: +10%
5: 30% Attacking: [Enemy Cannot Use Healing Skills, Duration: 6]

LV 70: Deadly Shot
3: 50% Attacking: [DD: 800]
4: Promoted Blade of Gales Damage: +40%, VIT: +18
5: MDEF: +30%, 32% Attacking: [HP Drain: 25%, Duration: 7]

LV 80: Silent Scope
3: MDEF: +30%, Holy Resist: +70%
4: Promoted Pierce Hide Duration: +4, 26% Normal Attacking: [Attack 2H]
5: STR: +25, HP: +25, 40% Attacking: [Enemy Cannot Use Healing or Buffing Skills, Duration: 9]

LV 60: Shadow Elite Warrior
3: Shadow Demon Strike Damage: +25%
4: 30% Attacking: [ASPD: +25%, Duration: 6]
5: MCRITD Received: -35%. 35% Attacking: [DD: 700]

LV 70: Diabolic Shadow
3: Promoted Blurred Shadow Thorn Damage: +20%, AGI: +20
4: 33% Magic Attacked: [Damage Reflection: 50%]
5: Dual Blades ASPD: +18%, 20% Attacking: [CRIT: +20%, Duration: 8]

LV 80: Blackshroud Assassin
3: 18% Attacked: [HPRPT: 380, Duration: 20]
4: Promoted Clock Cleaner Damage: +35%, AGI: +21
5: 33% Attacking: [Root Enemy, Duration: 6]

LV 60: Fanatic's Faith
3: MDEF: +15%, FR: +60%
4: INT: +15, 22% Attacking: [Enemy MP Cost: +550, Duration 12]
5: CSPD: +30%, MCRITD: +15%

LV 70: Righteous Stigmata
3: Promoted Holy Hammer Crush Damage: +40%, VIT: +15
4: CSPD: +30%, 30% Attacked: [Enemy MCRIT/MDEF: -45%, Duration: 8]
5: MDEF: +40%, HP: +10%

LV 80: Demiurge Aegis
3: 28% Attacked: [Enemy Magic Skill Fail: +65%, Duration: 8]
4: Promoted Holy Light Grenade Damage: +30%, CSPD: +20%
5: MCRITD: -45%, WIL: +26

LV 60: Freeland Walker
3: Flash Ambush Damage: +25%, AGI: +14
4: 15% Attacked: [Enemy MCRIT: -60%, Duration: 9]
5: 12% Attacking: [Skill 2H.]

LV 70: Storm Circle
3: Melee ACC: +22%, MCRIT Received: -18%
4: 18% Attacked: [DEF: +20%, MDEF: +40%, Duration: 7], VIT: +20
5: 45% Attacking: [Enemy WIL: -100, Enemy VIT: -70, Duration: 12]

LV 80: Gale Seeker
3: 15% Attacking: [Enemy MDEF: -30%, Duration: 6]
4: VIT: +28, MDEF: +20%
5: ATK: +15%, ASPD: +5%

LV 60: Thundersoul
3: Lightning Arrow Damage: +40%
4: MATK: +12%
5: 30% Attacking: [Enemty VIT: -120, Duration: 9]

LV 70: Frozen Arc
3: 50% Attacking: [Enemy MSPD: -25%, Duration: 5]
4: Freezing Arrow Damage: +35%, INT: +20
5: VIT: +5, 35% Attacked: [Physical Skill Damage Received: -60%, Duration: 7]

LV 80: Magicite
3: VIT: +18, 32% Attacked: [Enemy CRIT: -30%, Enemy ASPD: -20%, Duration: 7]
4: 20% Magic Attacking: [FD: 1100]
5: Chain Lightning Arrow Damage: +30%, 17% Attacking: [HPRPT: 500-800, Duration: 10]

LV 60: Cursed Messenger
3: CSPD: +10%
4: INT: +10, Mind Wrack Damage: +40%
5: 15% Attacking: [DEF: +20%, Duration: 12]

LV 70: Fierce Nether-King
3: CRIT Received: -13%
4: Promoted Jinx Curse Damage: +35%, INT: +22
5: 42% Attacking: [Exhaust Enemy, Duration: 9]

LV 80: Dark Matter
3: Promoted Enfeeblement Damage: +25%, WIL: +18
4: INT: +24, 18% Magic Attacking: [Attack 3H]
5: HP: +15%, 50% Attacking: [Enemy ATK: -30%, Duration: 5]

Sunday, December 18, 2011


If you already know about this, good for you.

Originally written by TAKUNDAKIS and KALONA of Baha.

Basically, you can use one casting animation to do multiple spell castings. This is the so-called MC, or Multicast.

How to do this? Basically, you need to ensure all spells you're casting share the same casting animation, then just click them back to back. Notice the initiating spell must have cast time (at least .1 secs). Otherwise this won't work at all.

Spell to instacast
This is the simplest, just click the regular spell (i.e. Fire Arrow) and then when it's about to finish, click the instacast (Scorching Strike). both spells will go out but you only see one action.

Spell to Spell
In order for this to work, cast time must be reduces so the second spell will complete in the time of the animation. This is why it's called multicast and not simply doublecast. You're successful if the two casting bars are back to back (no gap in the middle).

Example Triplecast. Lightning to Ice to Scorching Strike. CT Reduction: 56%.

Example Teleport Cancel. Teleport to Ice Grip.

Example Doublecast. Mark of Pestilence to Misery Coil

CD Reduction
You can reduce the CD if you failed to doublecast

Example Reduction: Shadow Arrow to Magic Rocket to Magic Rocket (20% Cast Reduction)

Example Reduction: Ice Arrow to Freezing Burn to Lightning Arrow to Lightning Arrow to Scorching (26% Cast Reduction)

Example Reduction: Healing Barrier to Lay On Hands to Lay On Hands to Mending Touch (45% Cast Reduction).

Note for Clerics it's not wise to go past 50% in CT reduction, since the skill blackout will interfere and make the effect inconsequential.

Female Wizard Animations

Push Hand: Magic Rocket, Blunting Blade, Magical Shackles, Prison of Dancing Blades, Scorching Strike, Magnetic Charge, Wrens's Will Melter

Raise Hand: Toxic Cloud, Magic Shield, Magma Storm, Absolute Zero, Lightning Coils, Icy Grip, Electrify Armor, Burning Veil, Freezing Burn, Teleport Self, (Safe Return), Instant Recollection, Astral Surge, Embrace of the Muse, Element Emaciation

Body Fold: Magic Star Cannon, Draconic Fireball

Hands Part: Lover Buffs

Punch Forward: Potential Release

Melee Action: Escaped Without a Trace

Female Necromancer Animations

Push Hand: Magic Rocket, Blunting Blade, Magical Shackles, Prison of Dancing Blades

Raise Hand: Toxic Cloud, Magic Shield, Dark Blood, Kill Command, Sacrificial Blood Bomb, Master's Tithe, Sickening Touch, Enfeeblement, Mind Wrack, Blood Frenzy, Dark Ritual, Soul Eater, Dark Strike

Body Fold: Magic Star Cannon, Shadow Arrow

Hands Part: Drain Life, Phantom Form, Lover Buffs

Hits Ground: Fog of Fear, Devil Binding, Summon Hellhound, Summon Lich, Misery Coil, Summon Golem, Mark of Pestilence, Call of the Abyss, Bone Breaker Wall

Punch Forward: Potential Release

Melee Action: Escaped Without a Trace

Female Cleric Animations

Raise Hand: Healing Prayer, Blaze of Glory, Prayer of Ressurection, Clense Poison, Purify Body, Curse Killer, Blessing of Restoration, Lay on Hands, Prayer of Recovery, Healing Barrier, Censure of the Guilty, Enduring Strength, Armor of Hope, Tranquility, Spring of Life, True Words of Holy Light, Mending Touch, Vision of the End, Divine Barrier, Divine Barrier, Grace of Purity, God's Barrier, Shining Batter, Moment of Silence

Body Fold: Shining Judgment, Holy Light Grenade, Holy Hammer Crush, Hammer of Jugement

Hands Part: Lover Buffs

Limbs Part: True Word of Guarding, True Word of Shielding,

Punch Forward: Potential Release

Melee Action: Escaped Without a Trace

Note: Male animations may be different. The male shadow arrow seems to be the Potential Release animation. I don't know why.

Animations -should- be the same for the promoted forms.

90 New Skills (continued)

War Soul: Passive, STR: +60, VIT: +40, DEF: +10%
Killing Intent: Deals damage, 100% Double, Stuns enemy, H: +800
Furor: NAD: +360, 52% Normal Attacking: [Attack 2H.], CRIT: +21%, Duration: 10.
Indomitable: When HP < 20%: [HPRPT: 5000]
Overhead Slash: Teleports to enemy, Deals damage, 100% Double, Enemy DEF: -30%, Duration: 10.
Taunt: H: +950, STR: +48, DEF: +21%, Duration: 10

War Soul: Passive, STR: +60, VIT: +40, DEF: +10%.
Shrouded by Light: Party Buff, Attack Adds 200 Holy Damage, Physical Damage Received: -80.
Holy Shackle: Adds 1 charge, pulls enemy to caster, stuns, H: +1000, Enemy Damage Received: +30%
Divine Retribution: 100% attacked: [Heals: 390] 68% Attacked: [Damage Reflection: 78%.] Duration: 15.
Realm of the Light: DEF/ASPD: +21%, All Enemies within 15m: [ASPD/MSPD: -14%, stacks up to 4 times, casts once per tick]. Duration: 15.

Agile Soul: Passive, AGI: +60, VIT: +40, ATK: +5%.
Scattershot: AOE 10m, Deals NAD + 325 + 750 ND, knocks back enemy.
Viper Shot: Deals NAD + 748, Debuffs Enemy: [DoT: 460, ASPD: -14%, Duration: 10, Stacks up to 3 times.]
Soulstealer shot: Deals NAD + 640, Heals for 20% of damage dealt. Debuffs Enemy: [DoT: 1600, Duration: 10].
Treasure Sense: Party Buff, AGI: +50, ASPD: +9%
Armorcracker shot: Deals NAD + 880, Enemy DEf: -36%, Duration: 10. Buffs Self: [ATK: +13%, RASPD: +18%, Duration: 10]

Agile Soul: Passive, AGI: +60, VIT: +40, ATK: +5%.
Sixth Sense: Party Buff, ASPD; +18%, CRIT: +15%.
Shadow Strike: Requires Charges, Deals NAD + 900/1100/1300/1500/1800, 100% Double, 100% Triple.
Flying Toxin Daggers: Deals NAD + 670, 100% Double, 100% Triple, Enemy DEF: -32%, Duration: 8
Fuuma Shuriken: Adds 1 Charge, Targeted AOE Splash 8m. Deals NAD + 1150, Inflicts with Burn 7, Duration: 8.
Toxin Assault: Deals NAD + 1750, If Enemy is poisoned, Debuffs with [DoT: 1100, Duration: 10].

Pure Soul: Passive, INT: +60, WIL: +20, VIT: +20, MATK: +10%
Angel's Kiss: Adds 1 Charge, Deals 1962 Magic damage, DOT: 650, Duration: 10, Heals self for 550.
Resolute Defense: Buffs Ally, Prevents Interruption, CSPD: +20%, Duration: 10.
Gate of Hreaven; Targeted AOE Splash 10m. Deals 1250 + 1000 Holy, Debuffs with Weaken 7 (Mp damage), Duration: 8.
Word of Assault: Buffs Ally, MCRIT: +17%, all attacks adds 300 Holy Damage, Duration: 30.
Detonating Light: Deals Damage, if enemy is stunned, hits 3 times. Debuffs Enemy: [Enemy Damage Received: +21%, Duration: 10.]

Pure Soul: Passive, INT: +60, WIL: +20, VIT: +20, MATK: +10%
Direct Meridians: Buffs ally, STR/VIT/INT/WIL/AGI: +72, Duration: 20
Deadly Feather: Requires Charges, Deals 780/1540/2300/3060/3820 magic damage. DoT: 550, Enemy DEF/MDEF: 20%, Duration: 10.
Weakening Feather: Buffs self: [MATK: +13%, Duration: 15.] AOE Debuff 15m: [Enemy MDEF/ATK/MATK: -9%, Duration: 15, Stacks up to 5 times.]
Rip to Shreds: Wolf Form Only. Deals Damage: 100% Triple, [DoT: 500, Duration: 10, Stacks up to 3 times.]
Fast Rend: Wolf Form Only. Adds 1 Charge, Deals Damage, 100% Triple. Buffs Self: [44% Normal Attacking: [Attack 2H.], Duration: 15.]
Crush Strike: Ape Form Only. Adds 1 Charge, AOE 8m, Deals NAD + 450, Debuffs Enemy: [ATK/CSPD: -50%, Duration: 10.]

Magic Soul: Passive, INT: +40, VIT: +20, WIL: +20, MATK: +5%
Elemental Feast: Targeted AOE, Deals 740 Magic Damage, Debuffs Enemy: [ATK/MSPD: -40%, FR/IR/TR: -50%, Duration: 15]
Elemental Defender: Adds 1 Charge, DEF: +23%, 50% Attacked: [Enemy ATK/MSPD: -37%, Duration: 8], Duration: 15.
Elemental Embrace: Party Buff, All Attacks Adds 200 Thunder + 200 Fire + 200 Ice.
Magic Show: MATK/CSPD: +6%, MP Cost: -70, Only effective if HP > 70%.

Magic Soul: Passive, INT: +40, VIT: +20, WIL: +20, MATK: +5%
Disperse Magic: Targeted AOE 12m, Deals 740 Magic Damage, Debuffs Enemy: [Enemy Skill Fail: 50%, CSPD: -30%, Duration: 15]
Shadow Longpike: Adds 1 Charge, Deals 1230 + 616 Dark, [DoT: 700, Duration: 10.] Knocks Back Enemy.
Embrace of the Dead: DEF: +20%, 55% Attacked: [Debuffs with Exhaust 7, Duration: 15]
Spirit of the Dead: Magic Damage Adds 600 Dark. AOE 15m, [MDEF: -6%, DR: -17%, Duration: 15, Stacks up to 4 times.]

Stefan's Scrolls

EF makes it clear who their favorite son is. All 60 sets refer to the unpromoted skills, and 70+ sets refer to the promoted ones. I don't have a promoted char of each class, so i'll use the unpromoted names. As long as you know what it is.

3/1 - Iron Wall Rider nerfed. The Triple is now normal attack only.

Marquis of Slaughter Set:
3P: Earth Shock/Power Wave Damage: +30%
4P: VIT: +22, 20% Atacked: [Enemy CSPD: -35%, Duration: 6]
5P: 50% Attacking: [Enemy AGI/VIT: -75, Duration: 15]

Crushing Gladiator Set:
3P: AGI: +18, Crushing Blow Damage: +30%
4P: 45% Attacked: [Enemy MSPD: -30%, Duration: 8].
5P: CRIT Received: -35%, DEF: +15%

Ares Impact Set:
3P: Earth Shock Damage: +30%, Ranged NAD Received: -25%.
4P: VIT: +28, 50% Attacking: [Deals 1100 Nature Damage.]
5P: 35% Attacked: [MSPD: +30%, DEF: +18%, Duration: 6]

Imperial Inquisitor Set:
3P: Melee ACC: +20%, 45% Attacking: [Enemy can't use items, Duration: 10]
4P: Holy Light Grenade Damage: +25%, MSPD: +10%
5P: CRIT: +22%, AGI: +22

Iron Wall Rider Set:
3P: Holy Resist: +60%, STR: +21%, CRIT: +5%
4P: Mighty Shield Bash Damage: +30%, Ranged NAD Received: -40%,
5P: MSPD: +15%, 30% Normal Attacking: [Attack 3H.]

Sundering Blow Set
3P: Armor-Cracking Strike Damage: +30%, AGI: +21
4P: CRIT: +8%
5P: ASPD: +10%, CSPD: +25%, 18% Attacking: [Enemy CRIT: -40%, Duration: 7.]

Transgressor's Wing Set:
3P: VIT: +22, 23% Attacking: [Enemy can't be healed, Duration: 11.]
4P: Blade of the Gales Damage: +40%, CRITD: +25%
5P: MDEF: +10%, 35% Attacking: [Enemy Buff/Heal Skill Fail: +70%, Duration: 9.]

Survival Shot Set:
3P: 20% Attacked: [CRIT: +10%, Duration: 7.]
4P: Swallow's Glide shot Damage: +20%, STR: +20
5P: DEF: +18%, 40% Attacking: [Enemy MP Cost: +900, Duration: 13.]

Lethal Weapon Set:
3P: One-handed Sword Damage: +22%, NR: +70%
4P: Silencer Shot Damage: +60%, 42% Attacked: [Magic Damage Reflection: 60%.]
5P: Gun CRIT: +28%, WIL: +25

Venom Elite Set:
3P: 35% Attacked: [ASPD: +30%, Duration: 8.]
4P: Reaper's Kiss Damage: +25%, VIT: +12.
5P: 40% Attacked: [Magic Damage Reflection: 70%.], Holy Resist: +40%.

Shadow Punisher Set:
3P: Clock Cleaner Damage: +35%, STR: +20
4P: 25% Attacked: [HPRPT: +700, Duration: 7]
5P: 20% Attacking: [Enemy DEF: -25%, Duration: 7.]

Shadowcraft Assassin:
3P: Blurred Shadow Thorn Damage: +20%
4P: 15% Attacking: [Deals 1100 Thunder Damage.], AGI: +21
5P: 45% Attacking: [Enemy WIL: -100, Enemy VIT: -50, Duration: 9.]

Fanatic's Conviction Set
3P: MP Cost: -25, TR: +60%
4P: VIT: +12, 30% Attacking: [Enemy Magic Skill Fail: +60%, Duration: 6.]
5P: MATK: +23%, MCRIT: +10%

Steadfast Faith Set
3P: Law of Silence Damage: +40%, WIL: +20
4P: NA MP Drain: 400-800
5P: CSPD: +30%, 35% Attacking: [Enemy MATK/CSPD: -40%, Duration: 10.]

Demiurge Judge Set
3P: 36% Physical Attacking: [Deals 1000 Holy Damage.]
4P: High Holy Hammer Crush Magic Damage: +35%, HP: +13%
5P: 25% Attacked: [Magic Damage Reflection: 50%]. INT: +31

Peace Walker Set
3P: Swift Blade Serenade Damage: +30%, WIL: +10
4P: STR: +10, 18% Attacking: [Enemy MATK: -60%, MCRIT: -15%, Duration: 9]
5P: 30% Attacking: [Deals 900 Nature Damage, Enemy MSPD: -10%, Duration: 7.]

Nature Circle Slacks
3P: EVA: +20%, Magic Damage Received: -20%
4P: 20% Attacked: [NA HP Drain: 20-30%, Duration: 10], WIL: +23
5P: 45% Attacking: [Enemy INT: -170, Duration: 12.]

Gaia Seeker Hat
3P: WIL: +30, MCRITD: +25%
4P: 25% Attacking: [Enemy MSPD: -40%, Duration: 7.]
5P: If HP < 35%: [HPRPT: +200-350].

Polarsoul Set
3P: Ice Arrow Damage: +25%
4P: MCRIT: +18%
5P: Physical Skill Damage Received: -35%.

Thunder Arc Set
3P: Chain Lightning Arrow: +40%, VIT: +18
4P: Physical Damage Reflection: 40%, 60% Attacked: [Enemy MDEF: -45%, Duration: 12]
5P: 15% Skill Attacking: [Attack 3H.]

Aetherite Set
3P: Explosive Bomb Damage: +40%
4P: 20% Attacking: [Deals 1100 Nature Damage.]
5P: DEF: +20%, HP: +15%, WIL: +20

Seance Messenger Set
3P: MSPD: +5%
4P: VIT: +8, Misery Coil Damage: +25%
5P: 15% Attacking: [Enemy DEF: -20%, Duration: 10.]

Grieving Nether-King Set
3P: Mind Wrack Damage: +40%, VIT: +20
4P: 40% Attacking: [Roots Enemy, Duration: 6.]
5P: MATK: +9%

Dark Void set
3P: VIT: +16, 30% Attacking: [MCRITD: +50%, duration: 8.]
4P: Mind Wrack Damage: +40%, WIL: +18
5P: MSPD: +10%, 50% Attacking: [Enemy MSPD: -50%, Duration: 6.]

Friday, December 16, 2011

90 Skills


*Previous skills get the "Sublimed" Prefix, but the icon stays the same, lame. Couldn't they have photoshopped the border silver or something?
*Each class (except mystic) seems to get one passive that... kinda sucks, meh.
*Demon got the short end of the stick in terms of what skills they get after promotion.

Strength from Setbacks: Passive, After Attacked by MCRIT: [40% Normal Attacking: [Attack 2H.] Duration: 6]
Bloody Strike: Deals NAD+330, [Enemy DoT: 500, Takes additional 300 Damage when attacked, Duration: 10]
Ultimate - Berserkergang: [If HP < 30%, Melee ASPD: +40%, ATK: +20%, Duration: 15]
Sublimed - Bloodthirsty: Normal Attack Damage: +38%, H: -35%, Melee HP Drain: +6%.
Sublimed - Earth Shock: AOE 6m. Deals NAD + 450, chance to debuff with "Paralysis 7".
Sublimed - Terrible War Roar: AOE 8m. Deals NAD + 200, H: +4400, [Enemy CSPD: -50%, MATK: -10%].
Sublimed - Dance of Chaos: 38% attacking: [Attach 2H.], ACC: +25%.

Heaven Shield: Passive, After Blocking: [STR: +30, ASPD: +10%, Duration: 5]
Focus Holy Elemental: (Costs one Divine Plate): Summons Holy Elemental for 20 seconds. Holy Elemental buffs every 2 seconds on allies within 20m: [ATK/MATK: +6%, Duration: 6, Stacks up to 5 times.]
Ultimate - Divine Charge: H: +1000, If Enemy HP < 40%, Deal 2500 damage and stuns for 4 seconds.
Sublimed - Armor Cracking Strike: Adds one Charge, Deals NAD+700, Enemy DEF/MDEF: -30%.
Sublimed - Mighty Shield Bash: Adds one charge, deals NAD+2350, H: +4560 interrupts enemy cast, stuns enemy.
Sublimed - Shield of Thorns: 90% Chance to reflect 130% damage.
Sublimed - Perfect Defense: Requires Charges, B: +29%, Block Damage Reduction: +55%, 38% Attacked: [Enemy MSPD: -50%, Duration, 10]. Duration: 6/14/22/30/38.

Wild Evade: Passive, After Evading: [AGI: +25, MSPD: +6%, Duration: 4]
Sniper Shot: Adds 1 charge, Range is longer than most skill, Deals NAD + 400 + 800 Nature Damage.
Ultimate - Piercer Shot: Deals NAD + 800. If enemy is rooted, deal an additional 2500.
Sublimed - Quick Reflexes: EVA: +75%, NAD received: -33%, CSD.
Sublimed - Basilisk Shot: Deals NAD + 430, Roots enemy, Duration: 3.5
Sublimed - Swallow's Glide Shot: Adds 1 Charge, Deals NAD + 760, 100% Attacking: [Attach 2H.] 75% Attacking: [Attack 3H.]
Sublimed - Bear Claw Swipe: Requires Charges, Deals NAD + 1000/2470/3930/5410/6480.

Cruelty: Passive, After Evading: [Melee ASPD: +3%, NAD: +200, Duration: 4]
Assault Bit (Costs one Mechanical Part): Summons an Assault Bit for 20 seconds. Attacks all enemies within 20 meters with [DoT: 400, Stacks up to five times.]
Ultimate - Toxin Spread: Adds 300 Nature damage to physical attacks. Debuffs all enemies within 15 meters with: [Enemy DEF: -8%, Enemy Damage Received: +5%] every 2 seconds, Duration: 15
Sublimed - Blurred Shadow Thorn: Deals NAD + 1150, 75% Attacking: [Attack 2H.]
Sublimed - Clock Cleaner: Adds 1 Charge, deals NAD + 880, interrupts cast, stuns enemy.
Sublimed - Reaper's Kiss: Adds 1 charge, deals NAD + 880, inflicts Pain 7.
Sublimed - Hamstring: Adds 1 Charge, deals NAD + 1350, Enemy MSPD/ASPD/CSPD: -50%.

Holy Pursuit: Passive, After attacked by CRIT/MCRIT: [ATK/MATK: +5%, Duration: 8].
Mete Justice: Passive, After MCRIT: [CSPD/MATK: +7%, Duration: 8]
Ultimate - In the Divine Light: Buffs Ally: [DEF/MDEF: +40%, EVA: +18%, Duration: 10, Only effective when target's HP < 40%.]
Sublimed - Prayer of Revival: Heals 1555-1864, Buffs: [HPRPT: 460, Duration: 30.]
Sublimed - Holy Proverbs: NAD: +700 Holy Damage, ACC: +40%, CSD.
Sublimed - Reinforced True Word of Shielding: NAD: + 300, Magic Damage Received: -75 - 22%.
Sublimed - Divine Barrier: Party Buff, Holy Resist: +30, Physical Damage Received: -130, STR/AGI/INT: +60.

Salvation: Buffs Ally, ATK/MATK: +10%, HPRPT: +700, MPRPT; +80, Duration: 14
Ape Defender: Buffs Ally, HP: +15%, DEF/MDEF: + 15%, Duration: 30.
Ultimate - Tree of Life (Costs a Leaf of Life): Summons a Tree of Life for 20 seconds, which heals allies within 20m by 2000 every 2 seconds.
Sublimed - Rose Blessing: Buffs Ally, 77% Chance to Reflect 38% Damage.
Sublimed - Roc Wing Dart: Eagle Form, Deals 25 Magic Damage, Roots Enemy, Duration: 3.
Sublimed - Flash Ambush: Wolf Form, Teleports to target, deals 4180 fixed damage, interrupts cast and stuns.
Sublimed - War Cry: AOE 16m, H: +3600. Debuff Enemy: [Enemy ACC: 63%.]

Elemental Heart: Passive, After Attacked by CRIT: [DEF: +10%, 20% Chance to Reflect 50% Damage, Duration: 10]
Arcane Corrosion: Deals 570 Magic Damage, Debuffs: [DoT: 500, ACC: -8%, Duration: 8, Stacks up to 3 times.]
Ultimate - Inspire Elements: Deals 950 Damage, Debuffs [Enemy MDEF: -10%, TR/IR/FR: -30%]. Buffs Self: [Magic Attacks: + 400 TD, 400 FD, 400 ID. Duration: 10].
Sublimed - Super Lightning Coils: AOE 6m, deals 803 Magic Damage, 648 Thunder Damage, 25% Debuff with Paralysis 7.
Sublimed - Arctic Grip: Adds 1 Charge, deals 974 Magic Damage, 648 Ice Damage, Roots Enemy and Enemy EVA: -31%.
Sublimed - Magma Storm: Requires charges, AOE 12m, Deals 480/1030/1580/2130/2680, Deals 1020 Fire damage. Inflicts Burns 7.
Sublimed - Elemental Emaciation: Enemy FR/IR/TR: -64%, Enemy MCRITD Received: +35%, Duration: 30.

Spirit Charge: Passive, After Attacked by CRIT: [Magic Damage: +500 DD. Duration: 10]
Dead Feast: Deals 900 Damage, Deals 551 Dark Damage, Debuffs with [DoT: 500, ACC: -10%, Duration: 10, Stacks 3 Times.]
Ultimate - Siphon Soul: Deals 1450 Magic Damage, if enemy is Enfeebled: [HP Recover: 55% of spell damage dealt. Debuffs Enemy: [Seals Enemy, Duration: 10.].].
Sublimed - Monster Rampage: Requires Charges, Buffs Pet [NAD/ASPD: +46%, Duration: 15/20/25/30/40.]
Sublimed - Sickening Touch: Party Buff, 26% attacked: [Debuffs with Plague 7.]
Sublimed - Soul Eater: Adds 1 Charge, Deals 420 Magic Damage, Debuffs Enemy: [DoT: 750, Duration: 10.]
Sublimed - Bone Breaker Wall: Requires Charges AOE 10m, Buffs [67% Chance to Reflect 54% Damage, Duration: 12/16/24/36/48.]

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

90 Weapons

Few observations:

*A lot of divine/demonic names this time.
*I think procs are standardized to 10% now, which is lol for 1hand and utter crap for 2hand, meh.
*2H sword continues its journey to suck utter ass, this time with 2H hammer joining.
*Mages gets utterly screwed in this update. Some may say it's long past due.

Let's get to the good stuff. Again I will not translate stats, those aren't hard to figure out from the OP, I might put them in once I finish my finals.

Divine Blade - Golden Vessel
1H Sword, LV: 89
EVA: +8%, 10% Attacking: [1H Sword Damage Dealt: +25%, ASPD: +10%, Duration: 8]

Mecha God - Supersteel Slash
2H Sword, LV: 90
Ranged ASPD: +10%, 10% Attacking: [Enemy DEF/ACC: -25%, Duration: 8]

Tormenting Toxin - Divine Demon
1H Axe, LV: 89
1H Axe CRIT: +10%, 10% Attacking: [AGI: +80, Melee Damage: +20%, Duration: 6]

Fierce Silver Battleaxe - Seraph
2H Axe, LV: 90
25% attacking: [Attack 2H.], 10% Attacking: [DEF/ASPD: +20%, Duration: 8]

Ancient Demon Spirit Hammer - Beast God
1H Hammer, LV: 89
CSPD: +10%, 10% Attacking: [1H Hammer CRIT/CRITD: +30%, Duration: 6]

Flying Dragon Etching - Divine Strike
2H Hammer, LV:90
Melee ASPD: +10%, 10% Attacking: [Enemy ACC/EVA: -25%, Duration: 6]

Divine Wing - Piercer
Bow, LV: 89
Ranged Damage Received: -20%, 10% Attacking: [Ranged Damage Dealt: +20%, Duration: 6]

Divine Illusion - Demonslayer
Gun, LV: 90
ATK: +10%, 10% Attacking: [Gun CRIT/CRITD: +25%, Duration: 8]

Divine Wing - Origin of Blade
Staff, LV: 89
MATK: +8%, MCRITD: +8%, 10% Attacking: [MCRIT: +20%, Duration: 6]

Divine Wing - Scar of Spirit
Staff, LV: 90
MDEF: +8%, CSPD: +8%, 20% Attacking: [Attack 2H.]

Absolute Retribution - Athens
Shield, LV: 89
MDEF: +10%, H: -20%, 10% Attacking: [Damage Received: -30%, Duration: 6]

Absolute Territory - Rena
Shield, LV: 90
DEF: +10%, H: +20%, 10% Attacking: [B: +15%, Duration: 6]

Exploded Ancient Holy Stone
Paladin Relic, LV: 89
CRIT: +10%, 10% Attacking: [Enemy DEF: -20%, Duration: 8]

Destroyed Divine Clan Tablet
Priest Relic, LV: 89
CSPD: +20%, 10% Attacking: [INT/WIL: +50, ACC: +25%, Duration: 8]

Beautiful Universal Chant
Mage Relic, LV: 90
HP/MP: +5%, 10% Attacking: [Enemy MDEF: -25%, Enemy ASPD: -15%, Duration: 8]

Old News Archives

Old Thread I don't care to keep bumping it anymore, check for new updates here.

News 1: Mar 23th.

1. EXP curve 1-75 is being reduced (comments say 25-30%).
2. sprite EXP payout ins increased.
3. success rate of whites, greens and oranges 1-75 has been increased.
4. Event display has been unified. (not that important).
5. Auto-potting system implemented. Dump as many pots as you want and the game will auto-drink it for you. Works everywhere.
6. Battle mounts (fight on mount, effect ends if you go invis or transform).

News 2: April 13th
1. Dungeon difficulty increased.
2. Dungeon Bosses drop new treasure.
3. loot rolling system implemented.

News 3: dkdc
1.Enough said.

News 4: April 28th
1. Added Lv. 85 Dungeon: S.S. Crying Sailor - Find the treasure of Adonis (Located in Realm of Deep)
2. Level Limit on Dungeons: (PC: 17+, CM: 26+, DT: 34+, EC: 40+, RM: 50+, HKT: 53+, ACV: 60+, SMF: 63+, PT: 68+, BFR: 73+, FT: 78+, SSCS, 83+, MPT: 43+, MCM: 53+, MEC:, 63+, MACV: 68+, MSMF: 73+, MPT: 78+)
3. Invisible Skills disabled in Dungeons.

News 5: Some Time Ago
1. Added Reward "Super Ancient Alloy" to Daily Quests
2. Added New Armor. Those are to be synthed from said "Super Ancient Alloy".

News 6: Some Time Ago
1. Berserker New Skill: Spirit Charge
"Instantly moves self to target and deals normal attack damage. Interrupt Enemy Skill Cast and stuns. Range increases as skill level increases."
This skill has been removed. EF claims it was a mob skill that was accidentally added.

News 7: May 11th
1. Sprite Duel skill levels removed. Duels will now be purely decided by the move chosen (basically 8 RPS matches in a row).
2. Sprite Duel Inivtation removed and Duels are now free. You may also search for opponents instead of random battle.
3. Wager system added. You may wager items/gold in sprite duels.
4. Sprite Adventure is also now pure RPS.

News 8: June 1st
1. New Dungeon: Mutated Blackfire Ruins.

News 9: June 23rd
1. Major Update: Territorial Wars.
(Allows guilds to gain control over maps in Saphael. Guild memebers in their territory map does not lose exp/armor dura in death.

Funnily, no mention of a level 90 cap.)

News 10: June 29th
1. Details on Territorial Wars.

News 11: June 29th
1. New Sprite Kings.
2. Lore: Sprite King Count confirmed to be 12. The 12th's identity have yet to be revealed.

Report complete.

Monday, December 12, 2011

jobs, armors, etc.

Yes, they announced new class names, yes, these are the new oranges.

I can't be arsed to get the stats, it's nothing special anyway, figure it out yourself.

Frenzy War King - Flame of Zealotry Set
3P: STR: +25, ACC: +20%
4P: Damage Received: -15%, CRITD: +30%
5P: VIT: +25, CRIT: +15%

Lord of the Temple - Divine Feathered Blue Wing Set
3P: VIT: +25, DEF: +10%
4P: STR: +21: H: +40%
5P: ASPD: +20%, 20% Attacking: [Attach 2H].

Sniper Master - Divine Moon Strike set
3P: AGI: +25, DEF: +10%
4P: Physical Damage Received: -10%
5P: RASPD: +14%, MP Cost: -60.

Demon Ninja Assassin - Prelate of the Secret Shadow Set
3P: STR: +25, EVA: +21%
4P: CRIT: +15%, Dual Blades Damage: +25%
5P: 20% Attacked: [DEF: +50, CSD, Duration: 5]

Sage of Deep Realm (Prophet) - Pure Messenger of the Moon Set
3P: INT: +14, H: -40%
4P: HP: +20%, MDEF: +15%
5P: 50% Attacked [MSPD: +15%, CSD, Duration: 5]

Professor of Divine Edicts (Mystic) - Whisper of the Edict Set
3P: HP: +20%, ACC: +30%
4P: INT: +28, STR: +21
5P: MCRITD: +30%, 30% Attacking: [Attack 2H].

Aurora Archmage - Shining Stardust Set
3P: INT: +25, VIT: +25
4P: CSPD: +20%, DEF: +10%
5P: MATK: +10%, MCRIT: +15%

Emissary of the Dead - Spirit of Regicide Set
3P: INT: +25, Damage Received: -15%
4P: MSPD: +15%, CSPD: +15%
5P: VIT: +21, MCRITD: +20%


Monday, December 5, 2011

The Sophomore Disease

As translated from Komica:

1. Says often "The hell am I gonna do with polynomial factoring?"
2. Says often "Adults are disgusting."
3. Starts looking for "true" friends.
4. Insists to mother "respect mah privacy!"
5. After dinner, goes out on aimless strolls.
6. Still doesn't know what clothes look good with what.
7. "I've graduated from JUMP." and then goes to read young jump.
8. Proud to possess porn.
9. Suddenly starts to rate the taste of ramen.
10. Researches on all kinds of strange OGC styles.
11. Gets strangely aroused to any picture with a star blurring some parts.
12. Uses "Old mother" or "that person in my house" to address mother. If female, will use "that person" to address father.
13. Thinks it's shameful to put sugar in coffee.
14. If something desired cannot be found in bag or desk, goes into despair.
15. Decides to give up the monk's hairstyle, but doesn't know any styles to their liking, so they one day suddenly just part their fringes.
16. For their (female) classmates, they suddenly arrive at the conclusion "as long as you got money, you can fuck them."
17. Seeing popular bands, will say "I knew they'll be popular." and then get pissed for no reason.
18. Starts to listen to western music.
19. When mother seems to wants to say something, will say loudly "I know!" and refuse to actually listen.
20. On Saturdays, will ask mother "Screw breakfast, just give me some cash."
21. Starts to like buying coffee from vending machines, but only buys one or two cans.
22. Imagines themselves as a harem protagonist.
23. Says "I won't fap to a girl I actually like."
24. Says "Anything is better than white collar." frequently.
25. Uses these references: "white collar -> Gears" "Police->Bitches of Power." "School -> NTAC factory."
26. Doubts the Grad Ceremony, "What exactly did we graduate from?"
27. Even without a license, will plan to buy cars, mod cars, and starts to read relevant magazines.
28. With a certain degree of understanding of society, will blurt out "America is dirty."
29. When looking at idol pictures, will make a "Best 10 to have as a younger sister." list
30. Doesn't smoke, but has a flameless lighter anyway.
31. Wants to go joyriding, but never really stole a car.
32. Thinks that you can do anything if you try.
33. Wants to shave the nethers when they see it in the shower.
34. Wants to go on a self-funded journey, but never found enough money.
35. Doesn't know shit about music theory, but wants to write a song anyway.
36. When told by teacher to get out, will respond "Sure why not." but won't move.
37. Uses weight training to relieve sexual frustration.
38. Doesn't want others to see family.
39. Suddenly becomes picky about those in the service industry (waitresses, salesmen, etc.)
40. Becomes interested in gambling and starts to predict horse races, but can't actually bet on them.
41. Starts to care about the environment, but then immediately sinks into despair.
42. Thinks a triple is sexier than a home run.
43. Thinks briefs are lame and wears boxers instead.
44. Gets into FF or DQ and wants to be a game designer, but only thinks of weapons and at most a gaiden chapter's plot.
45. Buys sunglasses.
46. When mother asks "where are you going?" Answers: "outside."
47. Wants to start a band, but didn't.
48. Sometimes will follow trend and buy stuff like key rings and other small things.
49. Will think all female classmates as victims on the buses.
50. Thinks of self as a literary after reading Akagawa Jirou (Similarly, thinks of self as a critic after reading Ni Kuang)
51. Suddenly starts to listen to music with a strong emphasis on bass.
52. Smokes when on a field trip.
53. Suddenly thinks the old hobby of card/figure collection is childish, and hurries to remove all evidence.
54. During shower, will pull hair briefly upwards to see how it looks int he mirror.
55. Says "I am me and no one else."
56. Mixes all drinks together at drink bars.
57. Thinks can get a girlfriend in high school.
58. Critiques mercilessly on professional critique.
59. Thinks "Documentaries = fake, game shows = inane, and news = blind records" but won't turn off the TV.
60. When joking, will ad hominem some friend nearby. If the friend gets angry, then will tell friend to chill the fuck out it's a joke, but if the friend ripostes, will get pissed off and start a fight.
61. Will be concerned with and look up the definition of "Sophomore Disease"
62. Has a certain weird requirement for online handles, and sound extremely fake.
63. Will give self some weird titles, like "Member of X website, Friend of Y, Administrator of Z" or applies some weird neologism label from the net even if it only applies tenuously, in order to be unique.
64. Thinks that they're not afflicted with Sophomore Disease.
65. When in trouble from own indiscretion, will never reflect on their own action and instead blame everyone else.
66. Will rewrite songs/textbooks into pornographic variants.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Computer Care

No matter how clean you keep your room, dust will start to build up in your machine. Every three months or so, take it open and wipe the dust off with cloth.

Static Discharge:
Always ground yourself by touching a piece of metal grounded to the floor before you touch any computer equipment. Computer equipment are designed to withstand at most around 19volts, it will not survive a static discharge at thousands of volts. You -will- fry your equipment dead if you don't take the proper precautions. This is especially important if you're working on carpet or lacquered wood flooring, where static discharge will collect at a much higher rate.

Any anti-static bag that you obtain should be kept, as these offer protection for your silicon gold bricks if you need to take them out of your case.

Motherboards do not need maintenance except for BIOS Updates. and BIOS Updates are unnecessary unless something breaks. Generally, don't screw with your mobo, especially if your computer came with windows. That Windows installation will be an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) edition tied to your mobo, so if you brick (break) your mobo, you lose your windows license, and those things are not cheap to have to rebuy, and you do not want to deal with Microsoft Customer Service on this issue either.

How can you brick your mobo? If you flash your BIOS incorrectly or the power gets cut for some reason mid-flash, you will brick your mobo.

So in general, clean the dust off of it if it accumulates, otherwise leave it alone.

CPUs are generally robust enough that you can just leave them alone provided you didn't overclock them. If you did, this post is probably too basic for you. The thing you should monitor about your CPU is its temperature.

To monitor your CPU temperature. You can use HWMonitor or Core Temp, both of which are free Utilities. HWmonitor also shows a lot of other things, but core temp has a windows gadget addon and a graphic log which makes monitoring easier, whichever one you want. I personally use both.

The general cutoff temperature for a CPU is 60 degrees Celsius. Intel chips may be able to tolerate a bit higher, but try to keep it below if you can, especially if you're not overclocking. Also, you should verify your maximum operating temperature in the CPU's specs. The general rule of thumb is your CPU should be kept below the temperature around 20 degrees lower than maximum operating temperature.

For laptops, the value may be a little higher. You should consult your chip's specifications. Note this is not the shutdown temperature. The shutdown temperature is clocked at when damage to the CPU is imminent, and damage can still accumulate even when the CPU is lower.

So what happens when your CPU temperature is too high?

The first thing to do is to immediately clean up your case. High temperatures mean that your ventilation has been blocked to a serious degree. Open it up, take proper antistatic measures, and clean it up.

If your Case is clean, the first thing you should do is consult the manufacturer's specifications. CPU's report temperatures as a -distance- to the shutdown temperature (also known as TJ max, which stands for Temperature Junction Max). Rarely, a chip's TJ Max is recorded wrong, and thus the CPU will report incorrect temperatures. This may be able to be fixed by a motherboard BIOS update, but otherwise you can manually correct your TJ max. If your CPU is more than 20 degrees Celsius below the TJ max, you're usually good to go.

If not, then you must install additional ventilation. This usually is unnecessary on a factory-produced machine, and normal CPU's rarely need anything more than the stock cooler to stay at a safe temperature. If you see additional fan grates on your case though, consider buying additional fans.

It is also advantageous to make half of your fans face inward to create a wind tunnel, which is much more efficient at cooling down CPU's.

If none of these things work, your CPU may be aging. If you cannot replace it, consider underclocking it to squeeze more longevity out of it. Like the name says, you will lose performance.

You can have windows limit your CPU power through Control Panel-> Power Options. Under advanced, you'll see an option for processor power management. Reduce the power to a level that you no longer go above the safe temperature.

If you don't have this option, you'll need to manually do so by going into the motherboard BIOS. This is the same as overclocking, so you should read an overclocking guide. I will tell you how the CPU clock is calculated:

CPU Clock = BUS Clock * Multiplier.

BUS Clock is a the basic clockspeed for most of your components in the computer. For most modern machines, it's 200Mhz. Thus, to achieve a clockspeed of 3.3Ghz, you will have a multiplier of 15.5, Most machines have the BUS speed at the lowest possible, so you will need to reduce the multiplier. Calculate your multiplier by dividing your CPU clock by the BUS Clock, and select multipliers lower than that value until you reach one where your CPU no longer goes above safe temperature.

It is a good idea (if only for the peace of mind) to stress test your CPU once in a while to see if it is stable. Problems are better addressed earlier than later. Stress Testing your CPU will introduce some wear on it, so do not do it too often.

A nice test is Prime95. Download it and run it for 20 minutes. It will ask you which test to use. Choose in-place large FFT. If your CPU can run it for 20 minutes without error and stay below the safe temperature, your CPU is healthy. If it goes above safe temperature, then it is a small warning sign of wear. (some factory computers are not designed to run at 100% power for that long, so if your brand new comp goes above, it's generally not a problem.) If, however, it makes a calculation mistake (and you haven't overclocked your CPU), then you must replace it.

Graphics Card:
If your card has a fan, clean it regularly along with the rest of your case, but otherwise you can't really maintain a card. You can use HWMonitor to watch the card's temperature. If it goes too high, you need to either install more fans, buy a new case, or replace the card.

A good stress test is FurMark, run it once to make sure your GPU is stable. I don't really recommend doing it more than a few times.

Memory is usually fine as it does not wear down significantly. A good, free memory test is called HCi Design's MemTest. You can use it to verify your memory once in a while. If your memory test reports errors, you should replace it.

Hard Drive:
The most dangerous thing you can do to a hard drive is again temperature. Hard Drives above 50 Celsius will start to become damaged. To monitor your Hard Drive, use a SMART Monitor such as CrystalDiskInfo.

The most telltale signs of imminent disk failure lies within 05 (Reallocated Sector Count), C5 (Current Pending Sector Count) and C6 (Uncorrectable Sector Count). If any of these values are not 0 in your smart data, drive failure is imminent.

Another sign of a bad drive is low access speed. Download HD Tune to test speed. If your computer returns a speed lower than 30MB per second, you probably will need it replaced. (Most USB external hard drives have a speed of 24MB per second, so anything lower than 30 on a mainboard drive is unacceptable.)

Unfortunately, there's no real fix to HD failure. You must keep a backup with you at all times, or if the drive started showing signs, immediately copy all your data out. Don't forget to check your manufacturer's warranty for a potential replacement. If the warranty is over, you have no choice other than to buy a new drive out of your own pocket.

If you have multiple computers, the most hassle-free backup utility is Macrium Reflect. Images made with this utility can be restored to 100% accuracy, meaning you do not need to wast any time reinstalling. Try to keep your images up to date and keep two versions of them, just in case one of them is made after your system went bad.

If you don't, however, you should have at two drives, your system drive, and your backup system drive, which should have an image of your system drive -as well as- the most minimalistic installation of a reflect-compatible windows version preloaded, so that when your system drive does die, you can just plug in the backup and load reflect onto another blank drive that'll become your new system drive.

You should have your active drives defragmented daily. A fragmented drive will wear out your drive head faster than a full defrag ever will. Why? A hard drive must spin at least 180 degrees before it can find any arbitrary random bit of data, but it can access a sequential set of sata with one spin no matter how long it is. If your file is split into 8 pieces, your drive must rotate 4 times (as opposed to half) before it can locate all the pieces. What's more is fragmentation grows faster the more fragmented the disk is, because when you delete a fragmented file, data written later to those sectors may belong to several files next time.

Power Supply Unit:
Under HWMonitor, you can find the values for the voltages of your PSU rails. If any of them start to vary by more than 5% of the voltage, you should have it replaced. The exception is the -12V rail, which can tolerate up to 10%.

It is also recommended that you buy high-quality PSUs from a trusted brand. Low-price PSU's often fail to deliver their promised power, and some can even explode. Go to for a reliable source of information on PSU's.

Registry Cleaners
Avoid these like the plague. They do not do anything useful.

Why is that? Your registry is an indexed database of -records-. It is not code, and because it is indexed, its size does NOT matter. A 1KB registry is just as fast as a 100MB one, and most registries will not exceed 100MB. To give an idea of how much that actually is, based on current HD prices, 100MB will cost you a fraction of a cent.

Also, there is no program on earth that can do this correctly, nor will there ever be one as long as computers still follow the Turing machine model (which it probably won't ever get out of). This the corollary to the answer to Turing's halting problem, which says no, it is impossible to detect with a program whether another program will halt (aka, finish executing) unless the detecting program is larger in size than the program being inspected. Similarly, no Program on earth will be able to detect concretely if you really need a registry entry either. Thus, the effort you spend on this does NOT outweigh the risks of destabilizing your system, so just don't do it.

Uninstall anything you don't need. A program you think you're not running may still be running in the background, or even as a service. Keep your drivers and programs up to date as much as possible. Incompatible/badly installed drivers cause 95% of windows crashes/instability.

Monday, November 28, 2011

TMA Clannad

(As Translated, I did not write this nor do I actually know who originally wrote this, sorry.)

Don't look if you loved Clannad. You've been warned.

The original MC (Okazaki Tomoya) actually tucked his shirt in...

The Main chars strolling on the sakura-hidden path (probably scared away by this pigs)

A wild Fujibayashi Ryou appears! (Scared my eyes shut)

Can you not twist around so much? It's making my waist hurt...

If it was me, I would have punched this dirty old guy already.

Red Bean Paste Bun... Hey Nagisa, did you really need to come to the set this hungry? Might as well swallow it whole!

Nagisa, "Shut the fuck up! I'm hungry! Go screw yourself!"

(Sub: Why don't you go eat with everyone else?)

Hey, do you really need to use that much force? The box is deformed!

Though if you look at it, Tomoya also seemed to have starved for days.

"I'm Okazaki Tomoya of Class D, 3rd Year." Bullshit, you're obviously an alumnus

This is actually okay, the horrors are following.

Low-budget compressed classroom.

Tomoya: I'm trying but your ahoge won't go down...

This is actually the part they got the most right in this entire thing.

Sunohara Youhei appears... why does he have curly hair?

Pictured above: Club Meeting. Pictured below: PTA Conference. Also old man, you are not convincing at all. (Sub: Okay, It's all on me!)

Sunohara: Dammit Tomoya you poked me in the eyes!

For some reason, the original looks so much better.

I admit, the steam looks okay, but what's up with his expression?

Then we have the popular Fujibayashi Kyou... even though it's aunty.

Can't you talk normally, aunty? Why are you blowing air?

Diff Camera Angle... fine, but where are your panties?

Sunohara vs Tomoyo... old man, aren't you too old for this? And what the hell's Tomoya doing? Neither of you really look like you're into the kicking either...

I just asked you if you want to join, and you give me a fucking sadface?

Now, it's time for our lovely Kotomi... expectations...


Who the hell can swallow anything with that face in front of you?

Enough! Get the fuck out! Same with you, Old Man Okazaki!

So how many people do you four plan to scare to death, standing in a row like that?

Your face is the curse, isn't it, Yukine? (Sub: Here's a funny little curse.)

No? Your expression looks like you're okay with it anytime! (Sub: No! You can't!)

Aunty, you're drooling...

Damn, Tomoya! That face better be the first time! (Sub: This is the first time for me too.)

The effects look kinda like it, but it's still an aunty's expression...

Old man, even though you're trying, it still looks like you're constipated...

Congrats, it looks like you got it out.

This Tomoyo clearly doesn't know jack shit about tennis. She's holding the racquet wrong.

Hm, scenes without their face seems acceptable.

Okazaki, you're actually old buddies with Akio aren't you?

Nagisa, this is more like evidence of your father cheating. (Sub: Daddy used to be an actor...)

Professional Actor? You won't even get a cameo looking like that.

Hey, you got the costume completely wrong.

Who are you, aunty? Sanae? ARE YOU SHITTING ME? (Rubs eyes)[Cries]

What happened to your forever 17? What happened to "strongest housewife?" (TN: The VA, Kikuko Inoue, is known for starting the "17 years old" forced meme, where she'd state she's "17 years old." no matter where she is. She's also known for mature woman roles, etc.)

Nothing more for me to say, nothing more...

Director: Where the fuck are my acting skills? Where the fuck is it?

You're thinking dirty shit while you confess, aren't you? (Sub: Please go out with me, Nagisa)

Nagisa: I don't want to be with this pervert...

This wasn't in the original, was it? You're just trying to grab something extra, aren't you Okazaki?