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gmmaru GameMaster: USA » Jul 06, 2011 4:41 pm
do not attack from a cliff
gmmaru GameMaster: USA » Jul 06, 2011 4:41 pm
that is a bannable offense

I'll let that sink in for a second.

Now, before I continue with my dissertation, I will say this: Aeria, as the authorized publisher of Eden Eternal, is free to designate any kind of behavior as an exploit and ban them according to #15 of the rules. I'm not going to challenge this because that would be retarded.

However, I will note that this is will be the last time I set foot in EE. I won't pretend it's a loss for them because it's not. Your game and your rules, but that doesn't mean I have to play.

I also am fully entitled to point out how retarded this is. As a DOMO GS, I have no obligations to EE's success.

Now, let's first get a clear idea on what's happening here. What the EE GM's have now banned, is terrain exploiting.

Yes, it's exactly what it says on the tin. They've banned using the terrain to your advantage.

Last I checked, that's called a strategy.

Apparently, They believe that TextbooK should be banned for blocking 3 opposing DT's with his own DT on a ledge. (For the non-SC people, note Dark Templars are mutually unable to see each other, which is why this works.)


Apparently, the developers put rocks, cliffs, mountains and other kinds of terrain doodads in the game (That's also conveniently not noclip) because they wanted more ways for them to justify banning people with.

The mind reels.

Though, in their defense, their job is to make money using any means necessary, especially riding a game like Eden Eternal which is not only probably one of the biggest games they have right now, but will also potentially implode right when Lime comes out.

What is the relevance?

I talked about player retention before, and about how when novelty goes down, so does the playerbase. This is the macroeconomic look.

When you look at the microeconomics of it, however, it clearly shows that this is not an even split along IQ lines.

Intelligent players are much more likely to catch up to their game, especially when they try to inject novelty with fast cash items like a new costume/mount/whatever. They're also much, much more likely to tell if a game is an exact clone or not, and many are much less inclined to get double-charged.


Whenever Aeria releases a new game, the low-IQ/high-IQ increases.

Whenever that ratio (hereby known as the retard ratio) increases, it becomes less and less economically feasible to cater to the intelligent players.

Why? It's obvious, retards complain more, is more easily placated, and is generally more loyal when they're not pissed off. They're unable to see the finer economic deceit they're being subject to.

But, what they will immediately latch onto and cry about, is whenever another player does something they can't do.

My high school government teacher used to say that fair is where pigs compete for ribbons.

What we have now, is the GM's shielding them from the indignation of being shown that they're not as good because they cannot do something so simple to other, more intelligent players, and reassure them that they're the best people in the world and everyone else better is a dirty bully.

Hm, kindergarten called, they want their modus operandi back.

But then again, most people would agree Kindergarten is the best time of their life....

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