Sunday, September 11, 2011

Criterion for a Harem Protagonist

*Average Looks (If they weren't the main char, they'd be Boy A)
*Average skills (exceptionally skilled chars are supporting chars)
*Has many times more of the opposite sex around him than same sex
*Has much more attractiveness to the opposite sex than friends of the same sex
*Aside from "Good-hearted" and "Comforting", he has no positive traits.
*On the other hand, most of the members of the opposite sex are very flashy, to further instill the averageness of the main character
*Four Noes and One Without : No looks, no smarts, no decisiveness, no responsibility, without any money.
*Looks good while crossdressing
*If he's a student, his seat will always be second from the back on the window column

From Komica

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Grand Fantasia Update 3

1 Arena Scores:
* Crystal damage no longer counts, instead "number of effective arena battles joined this month" is counted.
* Month score is not counted for MVP, and does not count arenas battles that did not terminate properly.
* If arena doesn't terminate properly (i.e. too many people DC), then a portion of base points will be rewarded only, (no kill, heal or month scores). If arena terminates under 5 minutes, no points will be awarded.

2. Arena Joining:
* Arena is now one big queue (probably of around 60-80 people). When queue is filled, players in queue will have 30 seconds to join arena, if not, they must requeue. Multiple arenas will start at once. All arena teams will be assigned randomly.
* After an arena starts, people may no longer join in halfway.
* Arena no longer allows team queueing. All players will automatically leave their current team when arena starts.

3. Arena Revival:
* Guardian Bits removed.
* When revived, player will become invisible, cannot be selected as a target, or be revealed by any skill (including AoE's), and MSPD: +10% for 15 seconds. This effect will be canceled as soon as the player uses a skill or item.

4. Sprite Arena Change
* Totems are added to the mine, center and forest crystals. Destroying said crystals will summon teleportation spots at north and south village crystals to said three crystals.

5. Fire Arena Change
* Dragon eggs removed.
* When the score difference is greater than 40, one player on the losing side will be chosen at random to transform into an Avenger Dragon to aid in reversing the tide. Both sides only gets this chance once. (i.e. you start losing again, you won't get this again.)

6. White Sands Arena Change
* Initial points lowered to 300
* Forest Crystal deals 3 damage to the opposing team per 10 seconds for the first 15 minutes upon capture, for the last 5 minutes it deals 8 damage per 10 seconds instead.
* The guardians will travel in groups now to aid in battle plans.

7. Stealth bug fixed
* Reverted stealth skills' functionality to the old settings.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Stealth Change, Interview with EF, etc.

Stealth Change:

Stealth is now invincibility. All skills will miss, and AOEs will not reveal people in stealth.

(Note: Easyfun(EF) is Grand Fantasia, Kitsu Saga, Eden Eternal, etc.'s developer. X-Legend is their publishing subsidiary.)
Interview with EF's General Manager (as remembered by a player who saw it from a Taiwanese Publication called "Investment Strategy for Gaming Industry". May not be 100% accurate.)
Company Population: ~360
Composition: Artists: ~200, Planners: ~60, Executive: ~30.
Philosophy: (As quoted from the General Manager).
*Grand Fantasia is the general blueprint.
*Because of this, the production costs of new games can be reduced.
*Because of this, they can afford to undercut licensing costs, as well as promoting company image.
*Revenue Split: Income from TW Games: 68%, Income from Licenses: 32%.
*Future Goal: To have a 5% market share in Taiwan.