Sunday, September 11, 2011

Criterion for a Harem Protagonist

*Average Looks (If they weren't the main char, they'd be Boy A)
*Average skills (exceptionally skilled chars are supporting chars)
*Has many times more of the opposite sex around him than same sex
*Has much more attractiveness to the opposite sex than friends of the same sex
*Aside from "Good-hearted" and "Comforting", he has no positive traits.
*On the other hand, most of the members of the opposite sex are very flashy, to further instill the averageness of the main character
*Four Noes and One Without : No looks, no smarts, no decisiveness, no responsibility, without any money.
*Looks good while crossdressing
*If he's a student, his seat will always be second from the back on the window column

From Komica

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