Monday, September 5, 2011

Stealth Change, Interview with EF, etc.

Stealth Change:

Stealth is now invincibility. All skills will miss, and AOEs will not reveal people in stealth.

(Note: Easyfun(EF) is Grand Fantasia, Kitsu Saga, Eden Eternal, etc.'s developer. X-Legend is their publishing subsidiary.)
Interview with EF's General Manager (as remembered by a player who saw it from a Taiwanese Publication called "Investment Strategy for Gaming Industry". May not be 100% accurate.)
Company Population: ~360
Composition: Artists: ~200, Planners: ~60, Executive: ~30.
Philosophy: (As quoted from the General Manager).
*Grand Fantasia is the general blueprint.
*Because of this, the production costs of new games can be reduced.
*Because of this, they can afford to undercut licensing costs, as well as promoting company image.
*Revenue Split: Income from TW Games: 68%, Income from Licenses: 32%.
*Future Goal: To have a 5% market share in Taiwan.


  1. GF is the general blueprint? In other words, every single one of their games is a GF clone with bits added

  2. That's the general idea, pretty much.

    It's still a bit amusing how blatantly they just admitted it.

  3. I want this so badly.


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