Friday, October 21, 2011

Xuan Yuan Sword Legend: The Clouds Faraway

Well, it finally arrived, so here it is:

Xuan Yuan Sword Legend: The Clouds Faraway.

A while back there were some summoning eggs released in DOMO for this game's predecessor (though this game's the prequel), XYSL: Clouds of the Han Dynasty. (Yes, I own that game too). Made by the same people as the guys who'd never give DOMO updates, Softstar.

Well, I must say I'm a little amused by the penmanship here. It's so... standardized. Of course, my address was erased, but yeah.

Yes, that's all tape. They also printed my address here in bold letters (which I also erased).

You really have to admire them for their packaging prowess. The paper is the invoice.

Here's both of them in shrink wrapped glory. The one on the right is the "DLC", or so to speak. Since they actually give you a CoA for this, it's not really quite "DLC", but whatever. More power to them. It's a folder though, only the actual game is boxed.

Opened it up, manual, game, not much to see here.

This is the main game's CoA, the serial's on the back. Yes, it says domo. The people who made the entire Xuan Yuan Sword series is called the DOMO team (which means "Friend" in japanese). "Dream of Mirror Online" is actually a bacronym.

Inside the manual. Yes, that's a shoe ad. They really don't waste any space.

This is the DLC packet. CoA on the left, CD on the right.

The CoA. It's also shrink wrapped.

Opening it up, you see a small description and the actual CoA card. Yes, they taped it upside down.

And the full description and the right-side up CoA. How cute.

Next time, we go into the actual game.

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