Monday, November 28, 2011

TMA Clannad

(As Translated, I did not write this nor do I actually know who originally wrote this, sorry.)

Don't look if you loved Clannad. You've been warned.

The original MC (Okazaki Tomoya) actually tucked his shirt in...

The Main chars strolling on the sakura-hidden path (probably scared away by this pigs)

A wild Fujibayashi Ryou appears! (Scared my eyes shut)

Can you not twist around so much? It's making my waist hurt...

If it was me, I would have punched this dirty old guy already.

Red Bean Paste Bun... Hey Nagisa, did you really need to come to the set this hungry? Might as well swallow it whole!

Nagisa, "Shut the fuck up! I'm hungry! Go screw yourself!"

(Sub: Why don't you go eat with everyone else?)

Hey, do you really need to use that much force? The box is deformed!

Though if you look at it, Tomoya also seemed to have starved for days.

"I'm Okazaki Tomoya of Class D, 3rd Year." Bullshit, you're obviously an alumnus

This is actually okay, the horrors are following.

Low-budget compressed classroom.

Tomoya: I'm trying but your ahoge won't go down...

This is actually the part they got the most right in this entire thing.

Sunohara Youhei appears... why does he have curly hair?

Pictured above: Club Meeting. Pictured below: PTA Conference. Also old man, you are not convincing at all. (Sub: Okay, It's all on me!)

Sunohara: Dammit Tomoya you poked me in the eyes!

For some reason, the original looks so much better.

I admit, the steam looks okay, but what's up with his expression?

Then we have the popular Fujibayashi Kyou... even though it's aunty.

Can't you talk normally, aunty? Why are you blowing air?

Diff Camera Angle... fine, but where are your panties?

Sunohara vs Tomoyo... old man, aren't you too old for this? And what the hell's Tomoya doing? Neither of you really look like you're into the kicking either...

I just asked you if you want to join, and you give me a fucking sadface?

Now, it's time for our lovely Kotomi... expectations...


Who the hell can swallow anything with that face in front of you?

Enough! Get the fuck out! Same with you, Old Man Okazaki!

So how many people do you four plan to scare to death, standing in a row like that?

Your face is the curse, isn't it, Yukine? (Sub: Here's a funny little curse.)

No? Your expression looks like you're okay with it anytime! (Sub: No! You can't!)

Aunty, you're drooling...

Damn, Tomoya! That face better be the first time! (Sub: This is the first time for me too.)

The effects look kinda like it, but it's still an aunty's expression...

Old man, even though you're trying, it still looks like you're constipated...

Congrats, it looks like you got it out.

This Tomoyo clearly doesn't know jack shit about tennis. She's holding the racquet wrong.

Hm, scenes without their face seems acceptable.

Okazaki, you're actually old buddies with Akio aren't you?

Nagisa, this is more like evidence of your father cheating. (Sub: Daddy used to be an actor...)

Professional Actor? You won't even get a cameo looking like that.

Hey, you got the costume completely wrong.

Who are you, aunty? Sanae? ARE YOU SHITTING ME? (Rubs eyes)[Cries]

What happened to your forever 17? What happened to "strongest housewife?" (TN: The VA, Kikuko Inoue, is known for starting the "17 years old" forced meme, where she'd state she's "17 years old." no matter where she is. She's also known for mature woman roles, etc.)

Nothing more for me to say, nothing more...

Director: Where the fuck are my acting skills? Where the fuck is it?

You're thinking dirty shit while you confess, aren't you? (Sub: Please go out with me, Nagisa)

Nagisa: I don't want to be with this pervert...

This wasn't in the original, was it? You're just trying to grab something extra, aren't you Okazaki?

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