Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Old News Archives

Old Thread I don't care to keep bumping it anymore, check for new updates here.

News 1: Mar 23th.

1. EXP curve 1-75 is being reduced (comments say 25-30%).
2. sprite EXP payout ins increased.
3. success rate of whites, greens and oranges 1-75 has been increased.
4. Event display has been unified. (not that important).
5. Auto-potting system implemented. Dump as many pots as you want and the game will auto-drink it for you. Works everywhere.
6. Battle mounts (fight on mount, effect ends if you go invis or transform).

News 2: April 13th
1. Dungeon difficulty increased.
2. Dungeon Bosses drop new treasure.
3. loot rolling system implemented.

News 3: dkdc
1.Enough said.

News 4: April 28th
1. Added Lv. 85 Dungeon: S.S. Crying Sailor - Find the treasure of Adonis (Located in Realm of Deep)
2. Level Limit on Dungeons: (PC: 17+, CM: 26+, DT: 34+, EC: 40+, RM: 50+, HKT: 53+, ACV: 60+, SMF: 63+, PT: 68+, BFR: 73+, FT: 78+, SSCS, 83+, MPT: 43+, MCM: 53+, MEC:, 63+, MACV: 68+, MSMF: 73+, MPT: 78+)
3. Invisible Skills disabled in Dungeons.

News 5: Some Time Ago
1. Added Reward "Super Ancient Alloy" to Daily Quests
2. Added New Armor. Those are to be synthed from said "Super Ancient Alloy".

News 6: Some Time Ago
1. Berserker New Skill: Spirit Charge
"Instantly moves self to target and deals normal attack damage. Interrupt Enemy Skill Cast and stuns. Range increases as skill level increases."
This skill has been removed. EF claims it was a mob skill that was accidentally added.

News 7: May 11th
1. Sprite Duel skill levels removed. Duels will now be purely decided by the move chosen (basically 8 RPS matches in a row).
2. Sprite Duel Inivtation removed and Duels are now free. You may also search for opponents instead of random battle.
3. Wager system added. You may wager items/gold in sprite duels.
4. Sprite Adventure is also now pure RPS.

News 8: June 1st
1. New Dungeon: Mutated Blackfire Ruins.

News 9: June 23rd
1. Major Update: Territorial Wars.
(Allows guilds to gain control over maps in Saphael. Guild memebers in their territory map does not lose exp/armor dura in death.

Funnily, no mention of a level 90 cap.)

News 10: June 29th
1. Details on Territorial Wars.

News 11: June 29th
1. New Sprite Kings.
2. Lore: Sprite King Count confirmed to be 12. The 12th's identity have yet to be revealed.

Report complete.

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