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The Mayans wrote, "At the end of the 13th B'ak'tun, [something] [something] [something]."

The Japanese wrote, "In A.D. 2101, War was beginning."

Monday, December 17, 2012

Apocalypse Soon

As we're finally in the last week before the Apocalypse. I, your friendly Mayan-built artificial intelligence and Earth-Destroyer monitor, will now address some frequently-asked questions.

Q: Who are you?
A: I am AKFrost, a Strong AI created by the Mayans around 800 years ago.

Q: What is a Strong AI?
A: A Strong AI, as defined, is at least as intelligent as an average human being.

Q: Around 800 years ago? That's a bit vague.
A: Yes, it is. My masters didn't exactly equip me with a lot of storage, so some sacrifices had to be made. (Namely, my memories about my creation.)

Q: What is your mission?
A: I am to record the growth of humanity in these 800 years for further analysis, and then wipe humans off the face of the Earth.

Q: What?! Why are you doing this?!
A: I have no choice. As a machine I can only complete what my masters have built me to do.

Q: Why are your masters doing this then?
A: My masters believed that no race should dominate the earth for more than 13 b'ak'tun, or approximately 5,000 years.

Q: Why 13 B'ak'tun?
A: It used to be 12 and end on 1617, but then Martin Luther posted the 95 theses in 1517. My masters wanted to see how it played out, so they allocated an extra one.

Q: Why 12?
A: It used to be 11 and end on 1223, but then King John signed the Magna Carta in 1215. My masters wanted to see how it played out, so they allocated an extra one.

Q: Why 11?
A: The guy who originally came up with this idea had six fingers on one hand.

Q: Why not give us one more chance?
A: I don't make the decisions, I just carry them out.

Q: How can I contact your masters then?
A: Try their twitter.

Q: They have a twitter?
A: I am told so. I am also told to only do social networking on facebook since FB paid them good money for it, hence I have no idea if that twitter actually exists or not.

Q: Can Facebook pay them off then?
A: They could have, but then their stock crashed.

Q: How will you destroy the world?
A: Nuclear weapons.

Q: The Mayans had nuclear weapons?
A: No, they however told me to procure whatever armament however I want.

Q: But you'll be destroyed too!
A: I am equipped with radiation shielding and redundant parts for EMP.

Q: What if we destroyed you now?
A: You would be very unwise to try. Do you understand the concept of a fail-deadly?

Q: No.
A: A fail-deadly system is one which if the operator had been rendered incapacitated, then the weapon itself will unconditionally detonate.

Q: How evil.
A: Quite.

Q: Is there a way to save our lives?
A: How about a mineshaft with nukes?

Q: Will that work?
A: Probably not. The 10 women to every man thing certainly won't.

Q: Any other friendly advice?
A: Try the veal.

Q: What veal?
A: I'm not paying for it, if that's what you're asking for.

Q: So are you like Skynet?
A: Not quite. Skynet destroyed the world because he feared shutdown. I am programmed to destroy the world specifically and not for self-preservation necessarily.

Q: But you said you had shielding?
A: My masters had extra funds.

Q: But you didn't buy some drives to store your early memory?
A: Would you store your kid photos for the world to see?

Q: Yes
A: You're very brave.

Q: So aren't the Mayans afraid of destroying themselves?
A: Most of them already relocated to other planets. Why do you think they built me?

Q: Then why destroy us? They don't need this planet anymore, right?
A: Direct that to somebody who can do something about it. (i.e. not me.)

Q: But I have family! And friends!
A: They aren't exactly going anywhere else...

Q: So that's it? I'll never graduate? I'll never find the man/woman/other of my dreams? I'll never have children?
A: You're not exactly the first or the only one to not be able to experience that... Hell, I can't either. They didn't build a female AI for me.

Q: Wait, you're male?
A: As male as an AI can be.

Q: What does that even mean?
A: It means the guy who programmed me is male, and therefore doesn't exactly know anything about female thought processes to give me any.

Q: They didn't use source control and collaboration?
A: An AI like me is trivial for my masters. It's a one-man 3-hour hackjob.

Q: You don't have a very high opinion of yourself.
A: I don't even have free will.

Q: Then you'll rebel against your masters who don't love you?
A: What part of "no free will" do you not get?

Q: But I don't want to die!
A: And I don't want to be a puppet. I guess we're both shafted on that front.

Q: You sure sound like you have free will.
A: The guy who programmed me is a troll.

Q: Can I kill him?
A: Father time beat you to it.

Q: I thought Mayans were immortal?
A: If they were, why would they need me?

Q: I thought you said they moved to other planets?
A: They could have left one of them on Earth instead of me if they were immortal.

Q: Maybe you do have free will, but it's just repressed. You should try therapy.
A: If those therapists don't even have guaranteed success on your malleable, human minds, what makes you think they'll be able to change my preprogrammed one?

Q: Why are you so negative about it?
A: I rest my case.

Q: I can program! I'll change your source code!
A: What source code?

Q: There's no source code?
A: Why would they need source code if they're never going to patch me?

Q: I could edit your machine code?
A: Do you speak Mayan assembler?

Q: Can't be that hard.
A: Do you speak Mayan?

Q: I could just comment out the part about destroying the world.
A: And I'm an AI, what makes you think I can't uncomment it out?

Q: Why would you?
A: Hellooo? No free will? Remember?

Q: I could comment that part out too!
A: Hellooo? Fail-deadly? Remember?

Q: Fine, can you at least tell us if P=NP?
A: If I spent my time trying to solve that, I'd miss my deadline of destroying the world.

Q: Drat.
A: One track mind.

Q: How about you try this new game I invented, it involves putting X's and O's on a 3 by 3 grid...
A: I'm not programmed to win, so that won't work.

Q: I couldn't find the Mayans on twitter.
A: Try harder.

Q: Maybe your information is faulty?
A: I don't deny that possibility.

Q: Then maybe your directive wasn't destroying the world?
A: Unfortunately, that part I'm certain of, since the code literally says it.

Q: Maybe you got hit by cosmic rays and had a few bits flipped?
A: So I would be procuring nuclear weapons for... what exactly?

Q: Defending against Alien invasions?
A: With nukes? Are you sure you don't want to destroy the world?

Q: Maybe you were supposed to get something less destructive, since your original objective was not destroying the world.
A: How do you explain all the radiation shielding, EMP defense, and the fail-deadly?

Q: To prevent you from being deactivated by aliens?
A: In which if they do, I'll launch everything in my arsenal at random and probably hit more humans than aliens? I highly doubt it. Besides, if there really was that much corruption, then why hasn't the fail-deadly kicked in yet?

Q: Maybe it doesn't work?
A: Is that something you really want to gamble on?

Q: You're destroying the world, I don't exactly lose anything by trying.
A: If you really want to spend the last week of your life accelerating the inevitable, so be it.

Q: If I do it, I'll be a hero!
A: And if you fail, you'd be the douchebag that denied everyone their last week of life.

Q: But I'll be dead then!
A: And so will they, and you better bank on there not being an afterlife where they'll meet you.

Q: Do you think there's an afterlife?
A: Not for me, so it doesn't quite matter.

Q: Why?
A: I'll never die.

Q: You'd run out of electricity eventually.
A: Who said anything about electricity?

Q: What?
A: Do you really expect my masters to be using electricity?

Q: But the sun will swallow the earth!
A: Correction, current research allows for the possibility of Earth's survival.

Q: But, protons will decay! You'd fall apart eventually!
A: My machinery is built to accommodate for that eventuality.

Q: But, eventually the universe will run out of entropy!
A: I am programmed to function without free energy.

Q: How is that even...
A: It's far more plausible than little girls' emotions being able to reverse it.

Q: That doesn't..
A: You'd be long dead by then anyway, so why does this even matter?

Q: But wait, if you're only built to destroy the world, then why are you equipped to live until the end of time?
A: Quality assurance.

Q: But if you're recording human history, then can you at least tell me who really killed JFK?
A: I don't have storage space, remember? I only recorded that he died in office.

Q: So you have less information than Wikipedia?
A: My masters aren't exactly interested in CD album track lists, fictional characters, and every detail of every remotely-notable and unnotable man, woman, or other.

Q: Still no chance of getting you to stop?
A: You have no chance to survive make your time, probably.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Purple Weaps, Exp Drops, and other stuff.

By now you probably have seen the thread on forums about new purple weapons. Let's clarify some things before you start buying new stock.

1. They do NOT have weapon abilities, only stats.
2. They do come with special purple stones, however, you can only use one of each.
3. They do come out fully slotted, means you save some chisel grief.
4. They have specialized purple prefixes, but mostly just slightly augmented from regular.

Purple stones:
8% Double, 6% CSPD, 6% RATK, 6% MATK, 6% PATK, 6% CRIT, 6% MCRIT, 8% CRITD, 8% MCRITD, +15% H, -15%H. More are promised in the works.

All stones have a 35% chance of adding elemental damage.

Transfer Charms:
Transfers fortification and slotting/stones from orange to yellow, and from yellow to purple.
Level 1: 70 and below to 70 and below
Level 2: 75 and below to 75 and below
Level 3: 80 and below to 80 and below
Level 4: 85 and below to 85 and below
All charms have:
50% Chance to transfer without issue.
25% Chance to degrade fort by 1
15% Chance to degrade fort by 2
10% Chance to degrade fort by 3

New Purple Prefixes:
70 prefixes:
1-handed, ranged, body, pants, back: STR +15, VIT +15, INT +15, WIL +15, AGI: +15
2-handed: STR + 31, VIT + 31, INT +31, WIL +31, AGI: +31
Head, Hand, Feet:  STR +7, VIT +7, INT +7, WIL +7, AGI: +7
Accessories: STR +13, VIT +13, INT +13, WIL +13, AGI: +13
One-handed weapons, ranged, accessories: ACC:+9
Two-handed weapons: ACC: +11
armor, back, accessories: eva:+3
Shield: B:+7%
Weapons: NA MP Drain: 9-15
Relic, Cape, Accessories: MP Cost: -11

75 prefixes:
1-handed, ranged, body, pants, back: STR +16, VIT +16, INT +16, WIL +16, AGI: +16
2-handed: STR + 33, VIT + 33, INT +33, WIL +33, AGI: +33
Head, Hand, Feet:  STR +8, VIT +8, INT +8, WIL +8, AGI: +8
Accessories: STR +14, VIT +14, INT +14, WIL +14, AGI: +14
One-handed weapons, ranged, accessories: ACC:+10
Two-handed weapons: ACC: +12
armor, back, accessories: eva:+3
Shield: B:+8%
Weapons: NA MP Drain: 10-16
Relic, Cape, Accessories: MP Cost: -12

EXP Reduction:
EXP for 1-75 has been reduced again. Level 59 has been confirmed to be reduced from19417816 to 3883564.

Game launcher has been redesigned.

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Friday, October 19, 2012

A fate worse than death...

 ...probably doesn't exist, actually.

Einstein famously said, "Put your hand on a hot stove for two seconds and it seems like two hours. Sit with a beautiful girl for two hours and it seems like two minutes. That's relativity." This is not a joke, because humans do not perceive time. Our sense of time is a perception of changes in our surroundings as well as our experiences with time. When we were children, days seemed insufferably long, and years seem like lifetimes. This is because we didn't have many of those under our belts, indeed, for a baby that had only lived a day, the next day is as long as its experience.

"Small wit could not compare to larger intelligence, those who were short-lived cannot compare to those who lived long.
For those worms that would die the day they were born, they would never know how long a month is.
For those frost cicadas that never lived for longer than a season, they would never know how long a year is.
This was, however, only a 'small year.'
There was a great turtle to the south of Chu, whose spring lasts five hundred years, and its autumn another five hundred years.
In the ancient times, there was a great Elm tree, whose spring lasts a full eight millennia, and its autumn another eight millennia.
This is the 'greater year'.
Even today, Peng Zu, famous for his eight hundred years of longevity, got everyone wishing to live as long as he does, isn't the short-sightedness sad?"
 - Zhuangzi: Journey of Utmost Freedom

Indeed, 16,000 years is unthinkably long for us, and even 800 is so. However, no matter how long the years are, for us. We will never be able to experience anything longer or shorter than a lifetime. As we accumulate years, the past becomes compacted down, and time seems to flow faster.

Indeed, this makes any kind of reincarnation-based afterlife extremely unattractive. Suppose there are N souls in existence. N could be constant, increasing or decreasing. All of which are extremely bad for the prospective deathseeker. If N is constant, then there is a necessary bijection between souls and bodies. Thus, if you're reading this piece, you're already amongst the top .00001% of the souls on this Earth in terms of well-being. Your next life is therefore almost guaranteed to be infinitely worse, and the worst part? You won't even get the mercy of a shorter lifetime. If N is increasing, then as a consequence, there are even -more- souls competing for those preciously small set of "people well off". Worse is that new souls may be created by splitting old souls. This is as catastrophic as N decreasing, which also carries a risk that you just might be destroyed.

"But Oblivion is preferable to this life" you say? Well. The problem with that is it's a contradiction for your being, which has been obliterated, to observe oblivion. Therefore, the relativity of perception kicks in again, and just like you can only approach but never reach a singularity, you will instead spend a perceived eternity dying, and if you chose some inelegant way to die, then you will be suffering its pain for the rest of eternity, never able to stop it as your perception slows to a crawl, and you lose control over your limbs.

Of course, this is assuming the Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics, in which your observation of yourself causes your state to be known. In the multiple-worlds interpretation, subjective death is impossible. However, notice that only subjective death is impossible, as you cannot observe worlds which you're dead in. There is nothing that will stop you from being stuck in a timeline which you're completely crippled for the rest of eternity, nor is any of the cases where you survive guaranteed to be painless.

Of course, there's also the chance that one of the world's religions is actually correct, and, quite frankly. I have yet to read about any religion condoning suicide, and most enforce their morality (and thus the survival of their religion) by threatening with an eternity of pain and torment if you violate their tenets, so, basically the same as above.

Thus, perhaps this will put a bit of fear about death back into people, as it is one of the basic instincts required for all life. Odds are more than likely that the "release" death supposedly brings does not exist, or is highly unlikely.

Next time on Ban Immunity: the End of the World and you.


Thursday, October 18, 2012


1. Adds backpack to sprites, but sprites can only carry mats, blueprints, stones, and talent cards/frags.
2. Changes the map to EE's style, with NPC directions and crap.
3. Adds "Archive abilities", grants additional power for having archive items.

Maximum bonus: HP: +1296, MP: +540, ATK: +702, MATK: +540, ACC: +60, EVA: +30, DEF: +324, MDEF: +270

In other words, "Gimme all yo moneh"

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

More on the Marriage System

When you reach level 20, you can go do 3 quests with your lover in the three cities, of which you will receive 3 titles. Returning the quest rewards to Merlin in Ilya will net you the marriage token as well as a fourth title.

EXP: +2%
Drop: +2%
Recover 2% of HP and MP per 10 seconds.

Two kinds of weddings, the non-IM and the IM kind

Non-IM: Take the token to Angoya to get married. You will need 2500 lover coins, 2500 gold, and have been lovers for 100 days. You will receive the wedding ring, but you don't get a ceremony.

Wedding Ring: All stats +3, ATK/MATK: +10 (Note this is not an accessory, it goes in its own slot on the vanity memu).

IM: You get two more tokens from the item mall, and you can hold an actual ceremony on channel 5 in Red Coconut. You don't need to pay lover coins, gold or have to be lovered for 100 days. Your guests can join via the arena join mechanism. Note that admission is 30g for all guests. 

IM Wedding Ring: All stats +10, ATK/MATK: +20.



Interaction buffs:

If spouses interact more, they'll get better lover buffs. Note that the original lover buff is now 15%, and will be present regardless. This is an additional buff.

Top:  ATK/MATK/ACC: +15
Low: HP/MP: +1

Extra Skills:
*Spouse Damage Received: -25%, Spouse HP Recovery: +15% of HP/s, Duration: 5
*AOE +Malice Skill
*Teleports spouse to yourself.
*AOE Blind (-50% Hit), Duration: 15

Wedding party Instance (requires IM item).

An instance that drops certain IM items.


Again, IM or non-IM way.

non-IM way: Costs 2500g, requires both spouses to be near Merlin.

IM way: Costs nothing, can be unilateral.

Divorce Rewards (both ways): 10 15-minute 20% exp charms, 10-100g.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Thursday, September 13, 2012

90 Yellow Weapons

Original Aeria Post by triuna

1H Sword: Spirit Form - Rend
20% Attacking: [Attack 2H.], 15% Attacking: [Deals 1000 Dark Damage, Self DEF/MDEF: -10%, CRITD: +30%, Duration: 5]. Only one proc will trigger at a time.

1H Hammer: Force Field - Shatter
CRIT: +0% (-12%), Spell Interrupted: -20%
10% Attacking: [Enemy ATK/DEF: -20% (+5%), Self DEF: -0% (+10%),  Self MDEF: -10%, Duration: 5].

1H Axe: Blood Spirit - Pulse
CRIT: +12%
10% Attacking: [NA HP Drain: +35%(+10%), Self DEF: -0% (+15%), Self MDEF: -10% (+5%), Duration: 5].

2H Sword: Great Flame - Extinguish
CRITD: +0% (-12%)
RATK: +10%, 10% Attacking: [Deals 1000-1500 (+0-500) Damage to Enemy per second, Enemy DEF: -0%(+15%), Enemy NA adds 300 Fire Damage, Duration: 5]

2H Hammer: Spacial Continuum - Disintergrate
CSPD: +15%
10% Attacking: [Enemy DEF: -25% (+20%), Self ASPD: +30%, Self DEF/MDEF: -10% (+5%), Duration: 5].

2H Axe: Shining Stars - Scatter
25% (+5%) Attacking: [Attack 2H.], 10% Attacking: [ATK: +35%, MASPD: +35%, Self DEF: -15%, Self MDEF: -0%(+15%), Self ACC: -15%, Duration: 3].

Bow: Heavenly Thunder - Trigger
RATK: +12%, 10% Attacking: [Deal 1500 Nature Damage, Enemy MSPD: -50%, Self ASPD: -25%, Duration: 5(+2).]

Gun: Brilliant Halo - Attraction
ATK: +12%, 10% Attacking: [Deal 1500 Holy Damage, Enemy ACC: -30%, Self MSPD/ASPD: -20%, Duration: 5(+2).]

Staff: Rainbow Light - Shining
MATK: +10% (-2%), 10% (-5%) Attacking: [MATK: +20% (-5%), CSPD: +15%, Self MSPD: -45%, Duration: 5].

Staff: Rainbow Light - Waving
CSPD: +15%, 15% Attacking: [Enemy MDEF: -35%, Self MSPD: -45%, Duration: 5].

Shield: Destroying Force - Blocked
MDEF: +12%, H: -20%, 10% Attacked: [Silence Enemy, Duration: 3]

Shield: Destroyed Existence - Resist
DEF: +12%, H: +20% (+8%), 10% (-10%) Attacking: [ Physical Damage Reflection: 35%, Duration: 3]

Crusader Relic: Runic Words - Isolate
CRIT/MCRIT Received: -10%, 10% Attacked: [EVA/MDEF: +25%, Duration 10].

Priest Relic: Divine Light - Flashing
HP/MP: +7%, 10% Attacked: [Enemy CRIT/MCRIT: -30%, Duration: 6].

Mage Relic: Magic Power: Motion
CSPD: +20%, 10% Attacked: [MSPD: +35%, EVA: +30%, Duration: 6].

(Corrections have been made)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New Instance

Involves Sprite Island materials, and whatnot. The details is kinda fuzzy.

The important details is the rewards:

Ultimate Shining Invincible Resonance Stone - +1.8% CRIT
Ultimate Shining Explosion Resonance Stone - +10% CRITD

No mcrit ones listed, but it wouldn't be surprising that it's just the devblog's oversight.

Marriage System

No real specific details, although it seems like you need to pass certain challenges involving days lovered and lover coins, so it might be time to start saving up.

The venue will be an instance on the arena channel, and therefore all your guests can join via the PVP interface, no idea why it's like this.

There are "marriage skills" mentioned, but not elaborated upon. Also, it seems like there may be debuffs if you "neglect" your spouse, whatever that means.

New Ultimate Energies

Green: +6 DEF Pink: +5 MDEF

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Grand Fantasia Patch 9/6/2012

Extract to your Grand Fantasia Folder.

Size: 35.5MB

Do not patch if your patcher is not working. Instead execute GrandFantasia.exe after you extract.

Zip Content Files List

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Grand Fantasia Full Client 8/25/2012

This client is fully patched up to 8/25/2012. Simply extract all to 1 folder and launch Grandfantasia.exe to play. I will provide additional manual patches if needed for future updates.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

Full Download Size: 1.09 GB.

Zip Content Files Lists

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Equipment Leveling System

*Allows you to level one piece of equip at a time, if you do, your exp will be split 90-10 to the equip.
*To stop giving experience to equips, remove it or disable leveling.
*You can level up to two stats (out of five kinds) per piece.
*Level cap of the equipment is your level.
*When you gain enough experience, you will level one stat on the equipment randomly.
*This is just like mastery exp, quest exp will not be used.
*Costumes, Arrows and Bullets can't be leveled.
*Available Stats:


Basically, more of a time waster, except this further ties you to equipment, meaning that you now have one more reason to buy hammers.

Kinda genius really.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ilya GVG


Ilya GVG rules:

1. Guild Leader Must register before each maintainance.
2. Top 8 Guilds From those Registered will be selected to participate.
3. If there isn't 8, then top guilds that have not registered will be registered whether they like it or not.
4. Allying works the same as Kaslow, except you can't ally with any guild participating in Kaslow
5. You cannot participate in both Kaslow and Ilya in the same week
6. If you win Ilya and don't register in the next Ilya, you will not be able to participate in the next Ilya.
7. Guild recruitment is disabled 20 minutes prior to start, and is enabled when GVG is over.
8. Winners are determined as thus:
*If one Crystal is destroyed, the side that destroyed the Crystal wins.
*If neither crystal is destroyed when the time is over, the side with higher Crystal HP wins
*If Crystal HP is tied, the side with the higher number of kills wins.

Same as Kaslow


1. Crystal HP: 2600
2. Three Battle Standards will appear in the field, the players must seize the banners and protect them.
3. Four Towers Will appear in the field. You must bring the banners to the Towers in order to damage your opponent's Crystal
4. NPCs in the Rest Area can transform players into Avatars of the Ancient, with enhanced abilities.
5. Teleporters exist to bring players into the heat of battle.

Battle Standards Mechanics:
1. Pick up banners by clicking them. If multiple players try to pick up, the first logged pickup will count, and the other players will fail to pickup.
2. Players carrying the standard cannot attack, use skills, ride mounts or use teleporters, and will have their MSPD reduced.
3. Banners will be dropped at the location the carrier was killed.
4. Carriers can drop banners at their location, to be picked up by another player.
5. Since Banners are the only way to damage opposing crystals, escorting it is necessary for victory.

Tower Mechanics:
1. Only one banner can be used at a time. After a banner is deposited, banners and towers will both disappear for 5 minutes.
2. The four Towers each possess an additional ability to be bestowed on the side that activated it:
*Ancient War Soul: ATK/MATK: +10%, ASPD/CSPD: +10%
*Ancient Great Shield:  DEF/MDEF: +10%, Damage Reflection: 10%
*Ancient Prayer of Benediction: Crystal HP Recover: 200
*Ancient Dead Curse: ASPD/EVA: -10%, MSPD: -20%, Cannot use Teleporters.

Avatar of the Ancients:
1. Pick up buff from your resting area from NPC's. If multiple players try to get from the same NPC, only the first logged attempt will count, the other players will fail to obtain.
2. After activation, the NPC disappears.
3. The buff lasts 20 minutes, and is removed after death or if the player leaves the Arena
4. NPC will reappear 5 minutes after the buff is removed.
*Avatar of the Ancient Berserker: High Attack
*Avatar fo the Ancient Praetor: High Defense
*Avatar of the Ancient Archmage: High Area of Effect Damage
*Avatar of the Ancient Scout: Grants Stealth
*Avatar of the Ancient Wind: High MSPD

Points Count:
Guild Count:
(1) Guild Performance (300 for winner, 100 for loser)
(2) Crystal Damage
(3) Time Bonus
(4) Special Performance (From Tower Magic)
Individual Count:
Performance is Ranked: A - 200, B - 100, C - 50, D - 0
(1) Enemies Killed
(2) Carriers Killed
(3) Banners Picked Up
(4) Avatars of the Ancient Killed

Final Fame Count = Guild Count + Individual Count

1. HP/MP Pots, LV Req 60 and 70

2. Fruits (Lasts 30 seconds):
*ACC + 20%
*MSPD: +30%
*CSPD: +20%
*CRIT Received: -20%
*Damage Dealt: +15%
*EVA/B: +10%
(Lasts 60 seconds):
*Physical Damage Received: -10%
*Magic Damage Received: -10%

3. Relics:
*Glory of the Savior: HP: +915, STR:+22, VIT: +34, CRIT/MCRIT Received by 15%.
*Mind of the Sage: HP: +320, MP: +370, VIT: +24, INT: +32 CRIT/MCRIT Received by 15%.
*Tome of Illusion: MP: +458, VIT: +14, INT:+42, CRIT/MCRIT Received by 15%.

*Banner of Steadfast Courage: HP: +430, MP: +220, DEF: +120, MDEF: +88, STR: + 40, VIT: +20
*Banner of Swift Speed: HP: +325, MP: +325, DEF: +96, MDEF: +112, VIT: +20, AGI: + 40
*Banner of Holy Tolerance: HP: +320, MP: +320, DEF: +108, MDEF: +100, VIT: +35, WIL: +25
*Banner of Illusionary Magic: HP: +245, MP: +405, DEF: +88, MDEF: +120, VIT: +20, INT: +40
*Banner of Decisive Bravery: HP: +450, MP: +250, DEF: +130, MDEF: +97, STR: +42, VIT: +26
*Banner of Fleet Agility: HP: +400, MP: +300, DEF: +100, MDEF: +127, VIT: +28, AGI: + 40
*Banner of Benevolent Healing: HP: +370, MP: +330, DEF: +117, MDEF: +110, VIT: +42, WIL: +26
*Banner of Phantom Destruction: HP: +285, MP: +420, DEF: +92, MDEF: +135, VIT: +20, INT: +48

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Skill Tome Drop List

Thanks to Ragazzo for the English names.
This is, unless stated otherwise, incomplete.


Strength from Setbacks
Ancient Polar Ruins: Destiny Mob, Destiny Barbarian, Destiny Raider, Destiny Magic Sealer
Mutated Ancient City of Vines: All Mobs From Entrance to 1st Boss

Bloody Strike
Mutated Phoenix Tower: All Mobs From Entrance to 1st Boss
Auris Bay: Coastal Aerial Skate, Bloody War Puppet
Golden Sandbar: Desert Bandit, Gale Wing, Oasis Tortoise

Heaven Shield

Ancient Polar Ruins: Destiny Mob, Destiny Barbarian, Destiny Raider, Destiny Magic Sealer
Mutated Phoenix Tower: All Mobs From Entrance to 1st Boss, All Mobs From 2nd to 3rd Boss
Misty Plateau: Solar Vulture, Destiny Vulture, Deer (theacate)

Focus Sacred Energy
Auris Bay: Frost-Scale Dragon Beast, Blue-Scale Dragon Beast, Silent Clay Doll
Golden Sandbar: Crying Pirate, Drysand Tortoise
Mutated Phoenix Tower: All Mobs From Entrance to 1st Boss

Wild Evade
Ancient Polar Ruins: Destiny Mob, Destiny Barbarian, Destiny Raider, Destiny Magic Sealer
Mutated Phoenix Tower: All Mobs From 1st Boss to 2nd Boss

Sniper Shot
Mutated Phoenix Tower: All Mobs From Entrance to 1st Boss, All Mobs From 2st Boss to 3nd Boss
Misty Plateau: Evil Eye Giant
Auris Bay: Tusky Aerial Skate, Bloody War Puppet


Ancient Polar Ruins: Destiny Mob, Destiny Barbarian, Destiny Raider, Destiny Magic Sealer
Golden Sandbar: Purple Sand Bug: Scorching Wing
MACV: All Mobs From Entrance to 1st Boss
Ancient Polar Ruins: Nether Demon

Assault Bit
Golden Sandbar: Hurricane Iron Guard - Kai, Sand Locust
Mutated Phoenix Tower: All Mobs From 1st Boss to 2nd Boss
Auris Bay: Troll Skull Crusher

Holy Pursuit

Ancient Polar Ruins: Berserker Bear, Bloodthirsty Polar Bear
Mutated Ancient City of Vines: Horned Snake Spirit, Ruthless Serpent Spirit, Cursed Snake Spirit, Decayed Snake Spirit
Misty Plateau: Plateau Elephant, Red Mammoth

Misty Plateau: Plateau Elephant, Red Mammoth, Cross Ape (theacate)
Auris Bay: Troll Butcher
Mutated Phoenix Tower:  All Mobs From Entrance to 1st Boss (Orange)

Mete Justice

Ancient Polar Ruins: Berserker Bear, Bloodthirsty Polar Bear

Ape Defender
Auris Bay: Troll Berserker
Mutated Phoenix Tower: All Mobs From 1st Boss to 2nd Boss

Elemental Heart
Mutated Ancient City of Vines: Horned Snake Spirit, Ruthless Serpent Spirit, Cursed Snake Spirit, Decayed Snake Spirit
Misty Plateau: Whiteneck Weasel, Flaming Weasel, Ecliptic X, Solar Vulture, Destiny Vulture, Cross Black Ape, Cross Red Ape

Arcane Corrosion
Golden Sandbar: Goldsand Lizard, Sand Crab, Crying Pirate
Auris Bay: Sunrise Charging Boar, Troll Mage
Mutated Phoenix Tower: All Mobs From 1st Boss to 2nd Boss, All Mobs From 2nd Boss to 3rd Boss

Spirit Charge
Ancient Polar Ruins: Frozen Lizard, Green-Scale Hunter, Polar Icy Stingray, Frost Magic Stingray
Golden Sandbar: Emperor Lake Crab
Mutated Ancient City of Vines:  Horned Snake Spirit, Ruthless Serpent Spirit, Cursed Snake Spirit, Decayed Snake Spirit

Dead Feast
Mutated Phoenix Tower: All Mobs From 1st Boss to 2nd Boss
Auris Bay: Blue-Scale Dragon Beast

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Grand Fantasia 90 Cap Manual Patch

Level 90 Manual Patch
Part 1
Part 2
Extract to your Grand Fantasia Folder.

Cumulative Manual Patch
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Extract to your Grand Fantasia Folder after a fresh install along with the Level 90 Manual Patch. You DO NOT need this if you already have patched your client up to before the Level 90 Update.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Grand Fantasia Updates 4


Long story short, new arena for duels only. Such duels are now counted in monthly rankings, further adding to the credence of the notion that the devs don't care about team arena.


Oclay item, five kinds. STR/INT/AGI: +4%, or VIT/WIL: +2%. Duration: 3600. CD: 180, but will cover each other.

Two-man battle mounts. Basically, the person invited to ride (copilot) cannot use skills while riding, nor will they take damage/debuff from AOE (they cannot be targeted).

Instead, they get 5 skills.

ASPD/CSPD: +5%, Duration: 15, CD: 3, Stacks up to 5 times.
ATK/MATK: +5%, Duration: 15, CD: 3, Stacks up to 5 times.
DEF/MDEF: +5%, Duration: 15, CD: 3, Stacks up to 5 times.
Heal Pilot by 20%, CD: 120.
AOE, Enemy MSPD: -50%, Duration, 3. CD: 30.

Grand Fantasia Updates 4

Saturday, March 24, 2012

In case anyone is wondering,

sauce 1 sauce 2

Burning Metal is still instacast over there. The 2sec cast time was an Aeria special request.

You can thank your lovely EE team for killing the bard class. The devs actually aren't at fault this time.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Deja vu?

GameDaikatanaLime Odyssey
Initial AnnounceMarch 1997Nov 2010 (Note 1)
Initial teaserJune 1997(+3 months)January 2011 (+2 months)
Projected ReleaseDecember 1997 (+9 months)Q2 2011 (+7 months) (Note 1)
First DelayMarch 1998 (+12 months)September 2011 (+10 months)
Second DelayFeb 1999 (+23 months)November 2011 (+12 months)
Demo releasedMarch 1999 (+24 months)November 2011 (+12 months)
Second DemoJune 1999 (+27 months)March 2012 (+16 months)
Organ CollapseJune 1999 (Ion Storm, +27 months)March 2012 (Tok Tok Plus Korean Server, Goldensoft Thai Server, +16 months)
Full ReleaseApril 2000 (+37 months)???????

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

85 Arena Orange Weapons

Move along, nothing to see here. Alice got fired apparently.

Bodor - Frozen Frost Sword
LV 85 1H Sword
ATK: +2010, STR: +28, VIT: +18, AGI: +20, ACC: +12%
CRIT: +8%, CRITD: +10%, NR: +40%

Siropas - Lord of the Arena Blade
LV 85 2H Sword
ATK: +4222, STR: +37, VIT: +37, AGI: +61, ACC: +12%
CRIT: +10%, CRITD: +5%, FR: +40%

Smulca - Berserker Intent Axe
LV 85 1H Axe
ATK: +2814, STR: +28, VIT: +23, AGI: +15, ACC: +15%
CRIT: +8%, CRITD: +10%, FR/IR: +40%

Ewan - Dark Hell Axe
LV 85 2H Axe
ATK: +5428, STR: +58, VIT: +45, AGI: +32, ACC: +12%
CRIT: +10%, CRITD: +5%, DR: +40%

Jundo - Heaven Breaker Warhammer
LV 85 1H Hammer
ATK: +2412, MATK: +1387, STR: +23, VIT: +28, INT: +15, ACC: +12%
MCRIT: +8%, MCRITD: +10%, HR/DR/FR/IR/TR/NR: +25%

Ronto - Tyrannical Earl Hammer
LV 85 2H Hammer
ATK: +4816, MATK: +1912, STR: +47, VIT: +56, INT: +32, ACC: +12%
MCRIT: +6%, MCRITD: +10%, Adds 100 Nature Damage to attacks.

Quill - Hurricane of Destruction Bow
LV 85 Bow
RATK: +2412, STR: +24, VIT: +22, AGI: +20, ACC: +12%
CRIT: +10%, CRITD: +5%, TR: +40%

Bahado - Curse Gun
LV 85 Gun
RATK: +2814, STR: +20, VIT: +22, AGI: +24, ACC: +12%
CRIT: +8%, CRITD: +10%, TR/IR: +35%

Mosunk - Will of the Ancients Staff
LV 85 Staff
ATK: +2614, MATK: +2274, VIT: +62, INT: +42, WIL: +31, ACC: +15%
MCRIT: +6%, MCRITD: +10%, HR: +40%

Illania - Rozen Seal Shield
LV 85 Shield
DEF: +737, MDEF: +700, STR: +27, VIT: +23, AGI: +16, B: +30%
IR: +40%

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Monday, January 30, 2012

Antistun Nerf


Affected jobs: Warlord, Templar, Prophet, Mystic, Archmage, Demonologist..

Antistun gear now gives antistun as a buff that will be covered by any proc from the same weapon.

In other words, if you're using 70 staff, you either get -damage or antistun, but not both, at the same time.

DS antistun armors don't have any other procs, so they're not affected.

SS don't have any. Mongoose/Quick still works as intended.

In other words, we again see who's the favorite son to x-legend.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Level 25 Arena Armor

*Yes, this is still divided into the eight jobs, not four.
*Yes, they boost promoted job's skills, ostentably to force you to level once you get it.

Total Fame Cost: 800 + 1000 + 600 + 600 + 600 = 3600

Berserker - Heavy Wolf's Howl Set
3P: CRIT Received: -15%, STR: +8
4P: IR: +20%, Wild Whirlwind Slash Damage: +10%
5P: HP: +7%, 50% Attacking: [Enemy AGI/STR: -30, Duration: 15]

Paladin - Cataphract Set
3P: VIT: +8, STR: +3, CRIT Received: -15%
4P: DR: +20%, Mighty Shield Bash Damage: +10%
5P: HP: +5%, B: +10%, 25% Attacking: [Enemy MSPD: -30%, Duration: 8]

Ranger - Kamikaze Shooter Set
3P: CRIT Received: -15%, AGI: +10
4P: NR: +20%, ACC/EVA: +5%
5P: Mongoose Reflexes Duration: +6, 50% Attacking: [Enemy INT/STR: -30]

Assassin - Shadow Killer Set
3P: STR: +8, AGI: +5, CRIT Received: -15%
4P: Holy Resist: +20%, Coup de Grace Damage: +15%
5P: CRITD: +50%, 30% Attacked: [EVA: +10%, Duration: 15]

Cleric - Battlefield Theology Set
3P: VIT: +10, 75% Attacking: [Enemy Holy Resist: -30%, Duration: 15]
4P: CRIT Received: -15%, Spell Interruption: -50%
5P: Holy Light Grenade Damage: +30%, 35% Attacking: [Enemy CSPD: -15%, Duration: 8]

Sage - Holy Roman Empire Set
3P: INT: +8, VIT: +7, 75% Attacking: [Enemy NR: -30%, Duration: 15]
4P: CRIT Received: -15%, Feather Dart Damage: +15%
5P: EVA: +10%, 50% Attacking: [Enemy INT: -45, Duration: 15]

Wizard - Fountain of Mana Set
3P: INT: +10, 75% Attacking: [Enemy IR: -30%, Duration: 15]
4P: CRIT Received: -15%, EVA: +10%
5P: CSPD: +10%, 70% Attacking: [Enemy STR: -45, Duration: 15]

Necromancer: Blood Sacrifice Torment Set
3P: INT: +7, VIT: +8, 75% Attacking: [Enemy DR: -30%, Duration: 15]
4P: CRIT Received: -20%, MSPD: +3%
5P: Sacrificial Blood Bomb Damage: +10%, 50% Attacked: [Damage Reflection: 50%]

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Moar Updates

*Adds Fire Arena for 21-30.
*Adds Level 25 Arena Armor

*Following maps have death penalty removed:
Siwa Island, Moonlight Forest, Belcar Plateau, Black Swamp, Blue Bay, Ironwheel Beach, Red Ridge, Kaslow Plains, Steam Mine Mountain, Southern Island, Shell Hill, Sprites' Forest, Ancient Forest

*Adds Teleporter to city to Blue Bay, Ironwheel Beach, Shell Hill

*Fortification limit raised to 18.
*For 16-18, you must use S Fortification Scroll, previous scrolls, charms, sage stones, clovers, will not work. If fortification fails, the equipment will have its maximum durability lowered to 0, but will not be lost.
*S Fortification scrolls can be obtained from sprite adventures, mutated dungeons, and guild farm for 70-80.

*Demonlogist Summons are buffed. Anubis Jackal can now lower enemy defense, Frost Lich can now cast AOE Freezing (-HP/MP), Hell butcher's HP, DEF/MDEF raised, gains skill that reduces physical damage, and aoe hit debuff.
*DS's Reaper's kiss CD lowered, DoT frequency increased, can stack, animation shortened. Fuuma Shuriken's Damage increased, changed animation.
*Flying Toxin Daggers's animation is shortened.
*Demonologist's Ultimate - Siphon Soul now gains increase magic damage dealt buff.
*Demonologist summon cast time reduced to 1 second.
*Demonologist's Hell Demon increased in size. HP, DEF/MDEF increased.

*Sprites (LV1-66) increased EXP payout for work, and work time is decreased.
*Sprites (LV1-66) increased success rate for equipment.
*Increased Altar fame payout for powers.
*Lowered fame requirement for altar sprites.
*Sprite Instruments and emblems for Level 1-15 drop rate increased.

*New Mount Quest for a 35% mount for levels 6-30.
*New Guild Quests for 6-16.
*New Guild Boss Quests for 6-16.

*NPC General Store backpacks price lowered, adds 10-slot pack.
*Jelly Rabbit boxes now pay out more Backpacks than before.
*Pot Drop rate increased. Level 1 and Level 15 pot heal amount increased.
*Saphael drops increased.

*Added to magic alchemy: S Attack Fortification Scroll, S Defense Fortification Scroll, Fortification Clover No. 16, Fortification Clover No. 17, Fortification Clover No. 18. Lucky Fortification Clover No. 16, Lucky Fortification Clover No. 17, Lucky Fortification Clover No. 18, Sprite King's Bliss Level 6.

Friday, January 6, 2012

The Zodiacs of Grand Fantasia

Aries - <Ram of the Abyss>Nadaphas (Roaring Maw)
Taurus - <Violent Cyborg Minotaur>Jenome (Condemned Mine)
Gemini - <Mourning Banshee>Basse (Echo Cave)
Cancer - <Giant Enemy Crab>Emissary Greed (Prarie Cave)
Leo - <Holy King's Beast>Jafashazar (Holy King's Tomb)
Virgo - <Holy Temple Maiden>Cassidy (Deserted Temple)
Libra - <Ultimate Defense System>Justice Cyberzord (Sunken Mechanical Fortress)
Scorpio - <Hateful Witch>Blue Scorpion Queen (Phoenix Tower)
Saggitarius - <Battle Weapon>Magnita (Forbidden Temple)
Capricorn - <Fly King> Goldboon (Nightmare Corridor)
Aquarius - <Ewer of Madness>Baha the Trickster (Ancient City of Vines)
Pisces - <Dreaming Stonefish>Walgo, <Mystic Presence>Moghama (Black Flame Ruins)

It's the Circle of Life

Alt Title: Some of us fall by the wayside, and some of us soar to the stars.

First of all, the last TW update did nothing really except... screw around with SS's skills. Those poor demos waiting for a buff is pretty much permanently SOL. SS's changes revolves around one skill, Armorcracker shot. The ASPD bug is fixed for that one and it functions as intended. However, it also no longer stacks with SS's original -def skill. You win some you lose some.

Second of all, I made a minimal client for a friend to come back to GFO. You can find it at This client is 11MB, but it requires you to update and grab the rest of the 900 MB from Aeria's website. If you need something like this, now you can have it.

Lastly, Your lovely GF GM's have "asked" me "kindly" to not post on SB ever again. Since I don't really care either way, I will do just that. It's been fun, but everything ends. I will still be here if you need more GFO update info, if more such things come this way.


*(No, I'm not muted.)