Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Moar Updates


*Adds Fire Arena for 21-30.
*Adds Level 25 Arena Armor

*Following maps have death penalty removed:
Siwa Island, Moonlight Forest, Belcar Plateau, Black Swamp, Blue Bay, Ironwheel Beach, Red Ridge, Kaslow Plains, Steam Mine Mountain, Southern Island, Shell Hill, Sprites' Forest, Ancient Forest

*Adds Teleporter to city to Blue Bay, Ironwheel Beach, Shell Hill

*Fortification limit raised to 18.
*For 16-18, you must use S Fortification Scroll, previous scrolls, charms, sage stones, clovers, will not work. If fortification fails, the equipment will have its maximum durability lowered to 0, but will not be lost.
*S Fortification scrolls can be obtained from sprite adventures, mutated dungeons, and guild farm for 70-80.

*Demonlogist Summons are buffed. Anubis Jackal can now lower enemy defense, Frost Lich can now cast AOE Freezing (-HP/MP), Hell butcher's HP, DEF/MDEF raised, gains skill that reduces physical damage, and aoe hit debuff.
*DS's Reaper's kiss CD lowered, DoT frequency increased, can stack, animation shortened. Fuuma Shuriken's Damage increased, changed animation.
*Flying Toxin Daggers's animation is shortened.
*Demonologist's Ultimate - Siphon Soul now gains increase magic damage dealt buff.
*Demonologist summon cast time reduced to 1 second.
*Demonologist's Hell Demon increased in size. HP, DEF/MDEF increased.

*Sprites (LV1-66) increased EXP payout for work, and work time is decreased.
*Sprites (LV1-66) increased success rate for equipment.
*Increased Altar fame payout for powers.
*Lowered fame requirement for altar sprites.
*Sprite Instruments and emblems for Level 1-15 drop rate increased.

*New Mount Quest for a 35% mount for levels 6-30.
*New Guild Quests for 6-16.
*New Guild Boss Quests for 6-16.

*NPC General Store backpacks price lowered, adds 10-slot pack.
*Jelly Rabbit boxes now pay out more Backpacks than before.
*Pot Drop rate increased. Level 1 and Level 15 pot heal amount increased.
*Saphael drops increased.

*Added to magic alchemy: S Attack Fortification Scroll, S Defense Fortification Scroll, Fortification Clover No. 16, Fortification Clover No. 17, Fortification Clover No. 18. Lucky Fortification Clover No. 16, Lucky Fortification Clover No. 17, Lucky Fortification Clover No. 18, Sprite King's Bliss Level 6.

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  1. Nice. Wonder when will EN version get all of that, if ever :D


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