Friday, January 6, 2012

The Zodiacs of Grand Fantasia

Aries - <Ram of the Abyss>Nadaphas (Roaring Maw)
Taurus - <Violent Cyborg Minotaur>Jenome (Condemned Mine)
Gemini - <Mourning Banshee>Basse (Echo Cave)
Cancer - <Giant Enemy Crab>Emissary Greed (Prarie Cave)
Leo - <Holy King's Beast>Jafashazar (Holy King's Tomb)
Virgo - <Holy Temple Maiden>Cassidy (Deserted Temple)
Libra - <Ultimate Defense System>Justice Cyberzord (Sunken Mechanical Fortress)
Scorpio - <Hateful Witch>Blue Scorpion Queen (Phoenix Tower)
Saggitarius - <Battle Weapon>Magnita (Forbidden Temple)
Capricorn - <Fly King> Goldboon (Nightmare Corridor)
Aquarius - <Ewer of Madness>Baha the Trickster (Ancient City of Vines)
Pisces - <Dreaming Stonefish>Walgo, <Mystic Presence>Moghama (Black Flame Ruins)

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