Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Equipment Leveling System

*Allows you to level one piece of equip at a time, if you do, your exp will be split 90-10 to the equip.
*To stop giving experience to equips, remove it or disable leveling.
*You can level up to two stats (out of five kinds) per piece.
*Level cap of the equipment is your level.
*When you gain enough experience, you will level one stat on the equipment randomly.
*This is just like mastery exp, quest exp will not be used.
*Costumes, Arrows and Bullets can't be leveled.
*Available Stats:


Basically, more of a time waster, except this further ties you to equipment, meaning that you now have one more reason to buy hammers.

Kinda genius really.


  1. when u say that they lvl up randomly does that mean that players will be forced to make yellows or farm PVP sets until they lvl up the status which they like? LOL?


    translate please

    90 yellow

  3. Does this mean the highest level on said acct? or Just the level of said character? Say you have a lvl 90 character on the acct, but you want to level gear for a lvl 50 toon, would you be able to level the 50 pvp set on said alt to 90 or would that cap at 50?


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