Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ilya GVG


Ilya GVG rules:

1. Guild Leader Must register before each maintainance.
2. Top 8 Guilds From those Registered will be selected to participate.
3. If there isn't 8, then top guilds that have not registered will be registered whether they like it or not.
4. Allying works the same as Kaslow, except you can't ally with any guild participating in Kaslow
5. You cannot participate in both Kaslow and Ilya in the same week
6. If you win Ilya and don't register in the next Ilya, you will not be able to participate in the next Ilya.
7. Guild recruitment is disabled 20 minutes prior to start, and is enabled when GVG is over.
8. Winners are determined as thus:
*If one Crystal is destroyed, the side that destroyed the Crystal wins.
*If neither crystal is destroyed when the time is over, the side with higher Crystal HP wins
*If Crystal HP is tied, the side with the higher number of kills wins.

Same as Kaslow


1. Crystal HP: 2600
2. Three Battle Standards will appear in the field, the players must seize the banners and protect them.
3. Four Towers Will appear in the field. You must bring the banners to the Towers in order to damage your opponent's Crystal
4. NPCs in the Rest Area can transform players into Avatars of the Ancient, with enhanced abilities.
5. Teleporters exist to bring players into the heat of battle.

Battle Standards Mechanics:
1. Pick up banners by clicking them. If multiple players try to pick up, the first logged pickup will count, and the other players will fail to pickup.
2. Players carrying the standard cannot attack, use skills, ride mounts or use teleporters, and will have their MSPD reduced.
3. Banners will be dropped at the location the carrier was killed.
4. Carriers can drop banners at their location, to be picked up by another player.
5. Since Banners are the only way to damage opposing crystals, escorting it is necessary for victory.

Tower Mechanics:
1. Only one banner can be used at a time. After a banner is deposited, banners and towers will both disappear for 5 minutes.
2. The four Towers each possess an additional ability to be bestowed on the side that activated it:
*Ancient War Soul: ATK/MATK: +10%, ASPD/CSPD: +10%
*Ancient Great Shield:  DEF/MDEF: +10%, Damage Reflection: 10%
*Ancient Prayer of Benediction: Crystal HP Recover: 200
*Ancient Dead Curse: ASPD/EVA: -10%, MSPD: -20%, Cannot use Teleporters.

Avatar of the Ancients:
1. Pick up buff from your resting area from NPC's. If multiple players try to get from the same NPC, only the first logged attempt will count, the other players will fail to obtain.
2. After activation, the NPC disappears.
3. The buff lasts 20 minutes, and is removed after death or if the player leaves the Arena
4. NPC will reappear 5 minutes after the buff is removed.
*Avatar of the Ancient Berserker: High Attack
*Avatar fo the Ancient Praetor: High Defense
*Avatar of the Ancient Archmage: High Area of Effect Damage
*Avatar of the Ancient Scout: Grants Stealth
*Avatar of the Ancient Wind: High MSPD

Points Count:
Guild Count:
(1) Guild Performance (300 for winner, 100 for loser)
(2) Crystal Damage
(3) Time Bonus
(4) Special Performance (From Tower Magic)
Individual Count:
Performance is Ranked: A - 200, B - 100, C - 50, D - 0
(1) Enemies Killed
(2) Carriers Killed
(3) Banners Picked Up
(4) Avatars of the Ancient Killed

Final Fame Count = Guild Count + Individual Count

1. HP/MP Pots, LV Req 60 and 70

2. Fruits (Lasts 30 seconds):
*ACC + 20%
*MSPD: +30%
*CSPD: +20%
*CRIT Received: -20%
*Damage Dealt: +15%
*EVA/B: +10%
(Lasts 60 seconds):
*Physical Damage Received: -10%
*Magic Damage Received: -10%

3. Relics:
*Glory of the Savior: HP: +915, STR:+22, VIT: +34, CRIT/MCRIT Received by 15%.
*Mind of the Sage: HP: +320, MP: +370, VIT: +24, INT: +32 CRIT/MCRIT Received by 15%.
*Tome of Illusion: MP: +458, VIT: +14, INT:+42, CRIT/MCRIT Received by 15%.

*Banner of Steadfast Courage: HP: +430, MP: +220, DEF: +120, MDEF: +88, STR: + 40, VIT: +20
*Banner of Swift Speed: HP: +325, MP: +325, DEF: +96, MDEF: +112, VIT: +20, AGI: + 40
*Banner of Holy Tolerance: HP: +320, MP: +320, DEF: +108, MDEF: +100, VIT: +35, WIL: +25
*Banner of Illusionary Magic: HP: +245, MP: +405, DEF: +88, MDEF: +120, VIT: +20, INT: +40
*Banner of Decisive Bravery: HP: +450, MP: +250, DEF: +130, MDEF: +97, STR: +42, VIT: +26
*Banner of Fleet Agility: HP: +400, MP: +300, DEF: +100, MDEF: +127, VIT: +28, AGI: + 40
*Banner of Benevolent Healing: HP: +370, MP: +330, DEF: +117, MDEF: +110, VIT: +42, WIL: +26
*Banner of Phantom Destruction: HP: +285, MP: +420, DEF: +92, MDEF: +135, VIT: +20, INT: +48

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