Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sprite King Abilities

Since shorttext went down.


Bodor, Grassland Knight
Bodor's Roar of War: ATK/RTK/MATK: +7%
Bodor's Horn of Courage: HP/MP: +8%
Bodor's Templar Guardian: Holy/Nature Resist: +25%, 10% Attacking: [Deals 500 Holy Damage.], 10% Attacking: [Deals 500 Nature Damage].

Alice, Forest Queen
Alice's Light of Prayer: DEF/MDEF: +8%
Alice's Treasure Blessing: Drop Rate: +7%
Alice's Nature Guardian: Nature Resist: +50%, 10% Attacking: [Deals 1000 Nature Damage].

Ronto, Duke of Sands
Rontos Rage: CRIT/MCRIT: +7%
Ronto's Sandstorm Rush: MSPD: +8%
Ronto's Dust of the Earth: Dark/Nature Resist: +25%, 10% Attacking: [Deals 500 Dark Damage.], 10% Attacking: [Deals 500 Nature Damage].

Smulca, Highland Lord
Smulca's Mountainmoving Might: 15% Attacking: [Damage Reflection: 100%, Duration: 8]
Smulca's Form of the Bull: ASPD/CSPD: +4%
Smulca's Snow Mountain Guardian: Ice Resist: +50%, 10% Attacking: [Deals 1000 Ice Damage].

Ewan, General of Spirits
Ewan's Merciless Execution: CRITD/MCRITD: +15%
Ewan's Spirits of the Dead: ACC/EVA: +8%
Ewan's Dark Gaze: Dark Resist: +50%, 10% Attacking: [Deals 1000 Dark Damage].

Bahado, South Sea King
Bahado's Sea God Guardian: 15% Attacking: [Crit Received: -15%, Duration: 8].
Bahado's Tsunami Vortex: 15% Attacking:  [Damage Reflection: 70%, Duration: 6]
Bahado's Storm of the Seas: Thunder/Ice Resist: +25%, 10% Attacking: [Deals 500 Thunder Damage.], 10% Attacking: [Deals 500 Ice Damage].

Quill, Hurricane Prince
Quill's Wind God Greaves: MSPD: +12%
Quill's Gale Roar: CRITD/MCRITD: +10%
Quill's Thunder Twister: Thunder Resist: +50%, 10% Attacking: [Deals 1000 Thunder Damage].

Mosunk, Elder of Serenity
Mosunk's Fortune Magic: Drop Rate: +10%
Mosunk's Magic Ordnance: Damage Dealt: +5%
Mosunk's Holy Light Guardian: Holy Resist: +50%, 10% Attacking: [Deals 1000 Holy Damage].

Jundo, Eternal Mother
Jundo's Life Excitation: HP/MP: +12%
Jundo's Original Might: CRIT/MCRIT: +5%
Jundo's Archaic Immunity: All Resistances: +20%

Siropas, Underworld King
Siropas's Flame Image: ACC/EVA: +12%
Siropas's Flame God Defense: 15% Attacking: [Crit Received: -15%, Duration: 6].
Siropas's Flame God Ordnance: Fire Resist: +50%, 10% Attacking: [Deals 1000 Fire Damage].

Ilannia, Princess of Frost
Illania's Goddess Inspiration: ASPD/CSPD: +10%, MP Cost: -10
Illania's Frost Guardian: DEF/MDEF: +6%
Illania's Icy Ordnance: Ice Resist: +50%, 10% Attacking: [Deals 1000 Ice Damage].

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